What should I keep in the moving bag while shifting in Bikaner?

Have you ever shifted your home to a new city?

If Yes! You may have faced complications and extra expenses on the way which was completely unnecessary. Thus, you must prepare a ‘Moving Day Special Bag’ for your peaceful, safe, and inexpensive journey. Apart from hiring the most justified and cost-effective Packers and Movers in Bikaner, preparing a special bag is important too. Let us see how to prepare it and what should be kept in this bag.

Right from the day, you finalize an appropriate moving company, start writing the names of such essential items in your diary that you require every now and then. And finally, on the early morning of an actual moving day, keep all those items carefully in that special bag.

  • Important items to be kept in this bag:
  • This bag should contain, but not limited to, the following essential items necessarily –
  • PAN Card, Voter ID, Aadhar Card, etc.
  • Debit/Credit Card and some Liquid Money
  • Mobile Charger and an additional fully charged Power Bank, Charged Emergency Light
  • Towel, Slippers, Mosquito liquidator, Night Dress, Small Blanket, Umbrella (during the rainy season)
  • Snacks, Biscuits, Noodles, Fruits, Water Bottles, Disposable Tumblers and Cups
  • Small Mirror, Comb, Cream, Brushing kit, and other toiletries
  • A small First-Aid Box and essential medicines
  • A Pen, Diary, and Driving License
  • Keys of the new house
  • All such items are important for you, but your Packers and Movers in Jaipur and other cities do not carry (e.g. Precious gems, ornaments, important property documents, official files, etc.)

Closing Notion:

Thus, it is clear that this special bag is very important for a peaceful journey while shifting to a new city. You should never hand over this bag to the Packers and Movers in Bikaner. Instead, should e keep it safely in your car?

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