What skills are required to write great programs in JavaScript

To write some great programs in javascript, we must have some of the required skills.

Some of the important skills to write programs in JavaScript for a web developer are:

Stay up to date with industry

Not only the javascript developer anyone who is working in the it industry must stay up to date with the industry as the requirements changes. Especially in the world of development, new languages and technologies are keep coming and if the industry demands then the developer must have the knowledge of those technologies.

So for the javascript developer it is must to learn the advanced concepts of the javascript to write the great programs which do have the best performance. JavaScript course in Delhi is there to provide you best level training from experts.

Knowledge of cross platforms

A javascript developer must know how to write the cross browser code, the website or applications they are developing should be compatible with any type of browsers and platforms. The javascript provide this compatibility to the applications and websites because every browser do contains an engine of javascript which compiles the code and returns the output. For every student of a diploma in web design and development, it is required to have a knowledge of common JS libraries and frameworks too.


React is the most popular library of the javascript which is used to build the single page applications, and it is the most in demand technology in the industry. It is developed by the facebook and most of the famous brands do use the react js in their respective applications such as paypal, reddit, tesla etc. You can learn more with React JS course in Delhi under the guidance of experts.


Redux is the state management for the react, it is a popular state management tool but kinda hard to learn in beginning phase so we can start with learning the context api and then start with the redux and it is also important for the javascript developers to learn in web design course in Delhi.

Node js

Node js is the most demanding skills for the backend or fullstack developer who has the knowledge of javascript in the front end they can start back end with node js it is a platform based on javascript. Node js used in the backend development and a valuable skill for the javascript developer. Learn from experts with Node JS training online and enhance your knowledge.


Git is the version control system, used by the large number of companies to upload their code base on it by their version changes of the development so they can rollback to any specific version of the applications any time if needed. It is best adds on skills to learn for the javascript developer.

Understand every development concept by joining web development courses in Delhi or online. You can pursue a 6 months long web development course in Delhi to learn PHP as well as Python too.


In the earlier days javascript had many isssues such as browser compatibility, safety scaling and much more but in the typescript we can access many things and it transpile the es5 code to a clean code structure.


Jquery is the another famous library of the javascript, it is used by most of the javascript developers to write fast and reliable javascript with less lines of code. So for the javascript it is must to learn jquery to build fast applications.

Explore web design courses in Delhi to attain the above given skills in a right way.


So all of the mentioned points are important for a javascript developers to learn to write a freat program in javascript.

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