What symptoms did I experience with COVID-19?

For people with average health like me, being infected with COVID-19 is not terrible, what is terrible is the series of sequelae it brings. Most people can return to normal at most two weeks after being infected with COVID-19, but there are also many people who have repeated symptoms of ong covid brain fog, memory confusion, fatigue, etc., which greatly affect their normal life.

I woke up one morning with an unbelievable hangover, which I thought was weird because I hadn’t had a drop of alcohol last night. Symptoms such as headache and nausea go away after 15 or 20 minutes. My itchy throat got worse overnight and I started coughing intermittently. Both symptoms lasted throughout the day.

I took a rapid antigen test at 9:15am and it came back positive immediately. Both lines are a very dark purple. This is as positive as possible. My initial reaction to the results was not shock or surprise, but disappointment. After successfully avoiding Covid for two years, I’m starting to think I’m going to be one of the lucky few who won’t get it at all.

I have placed myself under “house arrest” and will not leave the unit until my symptoms have resolved and I have tested negative. I thought Covid would hit me like a freight train, but it didn’t. I don’t feel tired, congested, achy or short of breath. I also haven’t lost my sense of taste or smell.

Later this afternoon, I developed a mild headache. Nothing else has changed in my case. I’ve been careful not to put too much pressure on myself that the condition would worsen. I try to stay hydrated as much as possible. I’ve also been taking two Panadol Extra tablets multiple times a day since the onset of symptoms to keep my sore throat bearable.

After two weeks my symptoms disappeared, body, throat pain is no more, but not all. Because I still feel dizzy and tired. Because I already work remotely from home, but I found that I often forget the content of yesterday’s work, and I don’t know how to proceed with the work for a while, which makes me very confused and even fearful, because I seem to have lost my memory.

COVID-related medical research papers such as How Long Will Symptoms Of Brain Fog Last After Being Infected With Covid-19? have found a large number of people with long COVID-19 dizziness. Combined with the brain fog symptoms I can be sure I am too. The article proposes that the pathogenesis of Long COVID-19-induced dizziness is analyzed from the perspective of trace COVID-19 residues, and the treatment ideas for Western medicine treatment of dizziness after COVID-19 infection are given.

Due to the limitations of Western medicine in treating Long COVID-19 dizziness symptoms, LongCovidCareCenter also recommends some traditional Chinese medicine, including Chinese herbal formula and acupuncture treatment, to treat dizziness symptoms. In addition, patients with Long COVID-19 dizziness take health supplements, as well as exercise, diet and sleep. Finally, we hope that the treatment plan for long COVID-19 dizziness symptoms proposed by LongCovidCareCenter can make patients improve their symptoms as soon as possible, so as to benefit patients and even cure these dizziness symptoms caused by the new coronavirus. Consult now, hope for a speedy recovery.

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