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Grunett said in the video: “I am modifying my own competition plan, but I have to tell you, the stadium looks unparalleled. This is the most perfect thing I have seen. I want to congratulate all workers, you are The great achievements have been completed in the adversity. You have completed 99%, or 97% of the work, and now you will not be the same as the championship. “

Harris took 10 seasons in jet, and the jet was in the second round of the second round in 2007. In June last year, he was unfortunately cut by the jet, and then signed a new England patriotic for 2 years.

The possibility of re-selection competition is small, but Indianapolis’s stadium staff said they are required to prepare for a Monday night. The official Security Department spokesman said that we will stand at any time.

This is no longer the first game of the season, last week’s New York jet against the battle of Arraoebel, due to the snow, the Skirus, has conducted Monday Night. However, this time is different, because only 12 miles from the main scene of the ram, all changes may occur. The Kansas chief recently changed a home game to the home court of Denver’s wild horses, so there is no reason to determine that the game will not change.

34-year-old Harrison is mostly acting as a role player in the patriot, attending 10 regular games, but there is no opportunity to play in the playoffs. Harris’s retirement helped patriots to save $ 2.1 million in the next season of salary.

Fortunately, there is no player injured in the accident in addition to a accompanied official leg injury. After colliding with the second bus of the team, the windshield of the front bus was broken, and then the players were transferred to another bus. Pierre Garcon released a live photo on the tweet after the accident and confirmed that no person was injured. “Just happened, but we are all fine.”

The game of raids and rams may be immigrants

The cheap nfl jerseys Union is considering the migration of Sunday Auckland raids and St. Louis ram to Indianapolis, because persistent violent protests in Ferguson in Missouri.

Red leather team crashes when going to the stadium

According to Ian Rapoport, cheap jerseys Ian RapoPort: Before the Washington Hongdi, the Red Leather, the Red Leather Bag is a car accident on the road to the stadium, and another The bus in the driving collided.

Although Kui’s average annual salary does not roll the top ten in the player, but cut this 38-year-old old will bring $ 2 million in space for the chief. Before cutting Cocrat, the chief salary space is only $ 3.55 million.

Dastin Kukui specially had a brother Britton, BrittonColquitt, who was discarded by NFL – Brittoncolquitt, and the two people were very similar. The 35-year-old Britton was in our own contract. The last year was saved by Brown, saving salary space.

The chieftain cut the old will abandon the handkernium Cokki

According to NFL TV reporter Tom Peilssero, Tom Peilssero reported on Tuesday, the chief cut off the Dustincolquitt for the team’s effectiveness of 15 seasons for the team’s effectiveness of 15 seasons. Corki took a super bowl last season, and it was also a perfect date for his own chieftain.

Rum is also given honored by jerry Jones, and immediately assigns 88 jersey to Rum immediately after Lamb is selected. The 88-88 jersey was taken over by a denim star, including Drew Pearson, Michael Irvin, and Des-Bryant (Dez Bryant).

According to Ian Rapoport, NFL TV correspondence reported that cowboy and the first round of Show-Out-Lamb signed a four-year rookie contract. This contract is fully guaranteed and is 14.01 million US dollars.

Lanm is selected by the cowboy in the 17th championship in this year’s draft. The scouts generally believe that this selection of Zhongmum and Jerry Jeudy from the University of Alabama is the strongest two-handed position. But Lamb is the third hand-away from the team, or is selected by a team that is not lacking talent and truth in the external connections but is really unable to miss the Rum.

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