What to consider when availing leather flight jacket?

In recent times, there are plenty of people who always opt for the best flight jacket to get protected. If you wish to opt for the best jacket, you should consider a few things. Leather flight jackets are quite authentic flying jackets, which have been tried, tested and adopted as regulation by the Army Air Corps. You will find plenty of jackets available but choosing the right one is important. Amongst two major kinds of authentic flying jackets like G1 and A2, you need to consider the right one. They are extremely famous not only for people in the Army Air Corps, but also among civilians.

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What to know about A2 and G1 jackets?

The A2 flight jacket was first service-tested in the year of 1930, and adopted as regulation in 1931. The A2 Flight jacket is normally made of goatskin and comes in different sizes. The numerous details, which make the A2 flight jacket different from other jackets comprise of the polyester/cotton blend lining, military-specified quality zippers and fasteners, regulation snap-down collar, shoulder epaulets, snap-close pockets and knit bottom and cuffs. The original A2 flight jacket basically does not have any kind of side pockets or inside wallet pockets.

Leather flight jackets have gained a massive popularity amongst people but before you choose the best jacket, you should consider the material, size and cost as well. G1 flight also has been regulation issue gear for the Army Air Corps since the year 1938.

Take help from the experts

The authentic military gear is now accessible commercially. The features of the G1 flight jacket include action back, water-repellent goatskin, inside map pocket, 100% wool knit cuffs military specification zippers and fasteners, synthetic pile collars, and waistband and 100% oxford nylon lining.

Before you opt for the best kind of Leather flight jackets, this is really important that you take help from the experts. They will give you the details about the best flight jackets. In fact, they will help each and every individual with the details of material and size of the flight jacket.

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