What To Consider When Choosing an Investigating Agency for Bitcoin Scam Recovery?

The exact amount of stolen crypto coins is hard to figure out, though data suggests that as much as $10 billion is missing from the market. One thing is sure – scams in the Bitcoin market have increased over the years parallel to the meteoric rise in the popularity of Bitcoin. Investors who have been pursuing dreams to make fortunes through Bitcoins are prone to fall victim to scammers and hackers online – people who are ever-ready to perpetrate Bitcoins scams.


While things can be really sad and depressing when you have been a target of such scams, today several agencies give you a chance of Bitcoin scam recovery of your funds. The presence of such agencies to recover your money back is not a guarantee that the money can be recovered one hundred percent. This is because there are all kinds of people and agencies online – some credible that use advanced blockchain forensic techniques to legally recover your lost money; while some will take all your details and leave you high and dry without any productive work.

Hence, you need to be careful when you select an investigator for private investigation for internet fraud

– Since you are already in a vulnerable position, it does not mean that you trust the first agency that contacts you and entrust them with the task. Sometimes, you search the internet and almost pleading with agencies to take up your case and work towards solving it. And, for some, it means running pillar to post of cybercriminal agencies and seeking a legal investigation to recover their lost asset.

– You need to understand the credibility of the company and also review its performance in the past. Leading agencies work in a much-planned manner to get your money back.  Such agencies work in a very traditional way to understand transaction history. To do so, the best in the business use advanced technologies that involve smart and intelligent analytic tools. Such agencies will also use legal orders from the court to have the IP addresses revealed, plus, use conventional FBI techniques to scan the internet to find the lost money.

– It is also therefore highly relevant to find out from the agency about its experience in the field of Bitcoin scam recovery. You must not only read online reviews about the agency but also find out from relevant authorities about the credibility of the company.

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