What to do when Facebook’s apps have stopped working on Windows Phone 8.1?

Facebook’s apps have stopped working on Windows Phone 8 copy

Facebook apps have made it convenient to use Facebook through your phones and you will not need your systems anymore to login to your Facebook account. But talking about Windows phones, they don’t have the best versions of apps like Facebook and Messenger. These apps of Windows phones don’t have great features like those of Android and iOS and also these apps don’t get frequent updates. But this is not a big issue for Windows phone’s fans as the Facebook app on Windows Phone has some great synchronization with the People app. In case you have any queries related to Facebook for Windows phones, The Facebook Phone number is always there for you.

Recently, there has been a sad phase for Windows phone users as Facebook has stopped the access of Facebook and Messenger app on Windows Phone 8.1. There is nothing wrong with Facebook as even Microsoft has deserted the operating system. Facebook apps have also been suspended for Windows 8.1 which is a part of personal computers. If you will try to log in to your Facebook account through Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 8.1, you will encounter an error message which implies that you cannot log in using this device. In case you are facing issues while using Facebook for Android phones, then you can call at the Facebook Technical Support Number.

This change has not affected many people as the users have started switching to iOS or Android. You can also switch to Windows 10 mobile but the same can happen to Windows 10 mobile in the future which has earlier happened with Windows 8.1. If you are not able to use Facebook on your Windows Phone 8.1, you can use the Web browsers like Edge or UC to log in to Facebook. Also, Facebook’s mobile website has a great user-friendly interface and Facebook is also working on its web app.

Also, there are several third-party apps available to use Facebook on your phones. These apps will take you directly to Facebook’s website and come with additional features using which you can download images and videos. You can also use your system or laptop to use your Facebook account or switch to an Android or iOS device.

If you have any other issue with Facebook such as Facebook not working, password issues, hacked account, you can make a call to the technical experts at the Facebook Customer Service. The technical team will help you to fix the errors you are facing while using Facebook. Moreover, if you have any general doubts or queries with Facebook, you can still contact us anytime. The tech support facility is available round the clock and you can avail the benefit from any corner of the world.

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