What to Do When You’re Not Getting Emails on iPhone?

Emails are an integral part of the life of every mobile user. iPhone users use emails for professional and personal communication. So if they stop receiving emails on their device, it can feel like a big problem. Many people communicate solely through email conversations. In such a case, not getting emails on your iPhone can bring your workflow to a standstill.


Fixes to Employ When Not Getting Emails on iPhone

  1. Check Mail Fetch : It’s an option you must check whenever you face problems with receiving emails. Once you go to the ‘Mail Fetch‘ option, enable the ‘Push’ option. Then configure the ‘Fetch New Data‘ to ‘Automatically.’ Apart from that, you should also inspect the mail status on the site of Apple Status Check.


  1. Check the Mail App Configuration: You should also check whether your mail app is configured properly if you use iCloud email. Follow these steps to check it.

Launch ‘Settings‘ and click ‘Mail.’ Choose ‘Mail‘ below ‘Default Mail App.’ Next, choose ‘Accounts.’ Now, select the account that’s causing you the problem. Compare the ‘settings‘ with the ‘Mail Service Lookup‘ tool results. You can see the results here. All you have to do is type in your email address to check if the configuration is proper.


  1. Inspect Your Notification Settings : There can also be the possibility that you are receiving the emails but aren’t being notified of them.

To check whether you are getting the email notifications, you need to inspect the notification settings. Follow these points to check it. Navigate to ‘Settings‘ and choose ‘Notifications.’ Press ‘Mail.’ Choose the email account. Turn on or off the notification settings, and adjust sounds, alerts, and badges.


  1. Check the Network : If you are not receiving emails on your iPhone, it’s highly likely that you have an unstable network connection. A strong connection is needed for emails to come and get fetched from your server.

Irrespective of whether you are using Wi-Fi or mobile data, you should be able to link to it without any issues. So, test the network and troubleshoot it if there’s a connectivity problem. You can also disable VPN if it’s running as it conflicts with email. Additionally, enable Cellular Data by navigating to ‘Settings‘ on your iPhone. Now the mail application will use cellular data to fetch your email.


Hopefully, you are now able to find the solution for it, and if you still not getting the solution we insist  you to call us or chat with us.

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