What To Expect After Opening An NRI Account?

You might know of some advantages that non-resident Indians or NRIs receive through NRI Accounts. You should be aware of them to handle your income and investments effectively. This guide includes all the information you need if you recently moved abroad, have lived abroad for a while, or are an NRI who wishes to invest in India.




You can take advantage of the NRI Account to fulfil your specific needs as an NRI. These include cash transfers, repatriation, excellent interest rates, tax advantages, stock market investments in India, and many others. Understanding the various account options and their offers is essential when opening an NRI Account. The primary accounts are Non-Resident External or NRE Accounts and Non-Resident Ordinary or NRO Accounts.


For those with numerous assets and interests, such as securities in India that provide income from rent, interest, or dividend income, profits from the sale of property, etc., an NRO Account is helpful to convert. Meanwhile, an NRE Account is advantageous for anyone who wants to secure foreign earnings while living overseas.


Benefits of NRI Accounts


Convenient for money management: All NRI Accounts have a specific purpose that enables global money management from any source.


Handling accounts remotely: You can open NRI Account online with no hassles, and this ease enhances the fact that these accounts are accessible abroad as well.


Lower tax obligation: The benefits of lower tax obligations in India include that interest earned on NRE and Foreign Currency Non-Resident or FCNR Accounts is tax-free. However, interest earned on NRO Accounts is taxed. Remember that the income from these accounts would be taxable if the NRI has no outstanding tax obligations in another country.


Access to Indian investments: Through the Fully Accessible Route, which the RBI introduced, NRIs can invest in assets linked to the Indian stock and debt markets.


High returns: NRI Deposits offer enticing interest rates. Taxes are not due on the NRE savings account interest rates and foreign currency accounts.


Repatriation: NRI Accounts are beneficial for their repatriation service as they facilitate the easy transfer of money between India and other countries. NRE Account funds are entirely repatriable. However, those under NRO Accounts are only repatriable up to USD 1 million every fiscal year.




NRO Accounts may be more practical if regular operations in India are necessary for receiving credits into the account from income sources within India. NRE Accounts rank better concerning simplicity and tax-exempt status. After considering several aspects and advantages, NRIs can make an informed decision when they open an NRI Account.

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