What to Expect During Drain Cleaning Service

Drain Cleaning Services

One of the most important aspects of sewer line backups is the frequency of backups–how often do they occur? It’s best to call for drain cleaning services whenever your toilet overflows or after heavy rains. If your basement floor floods often because of winter weather, it might be time to invest in water proofing your basement walls. Another way to keep sewer backups from occurring regularly is to make sure your sewer lines are kept clear of debris.

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The reason you need to be prepared for a camera inspection is because most sewer companies won’t just pull up your toilet or your drain to inspect for leaks–instead, they’ll “dive” into your drain and camera. The “dive” doesn’t mean they’ll uncover a whole mess inside your sewer line–it means that they’ll go in circles trying to find the source of the backed up drain or toilet. For this reason, it’s very important to call for drain cleaning services whenever you suspect any kind of problem with your sewer lines.

When a drain cleaning company dives your sewer line to inspect for leaks, what comes out of their pipes are chunks of obstructions. These obstructions can be anything from hair to hair balls to–you guessed it–sewage! (If you’re wondering how the animal feces gets into your pipe, the answer is simple: animals defecate and urinate inside the toilet.) If your clogged toilet or drain is causing backup drains, the pieces of obstructions they uncover will help them determine whether they need to replace your pipe or fix the root cause of the backups.

If your camera inspection determines that your drain needs to be repaired, your sewer line cleaning company will recommend an assortment of options for cleaning. If you want to avoid having to undergo multiple repairs, you may decide to simply schedule another camera inspection on your sewer line at a later date. With just one sweep of the drain cleaner, the company can clear away all of the debris and roots in your line. Then they’ll be able to install your new line, free of complications.

If your plumber determines that he needs to dig down to your sewer line to fix a clogged drain, he’ll have several options for cleaning your drain. Depending on what’s causing the backups, he may choose to utilize an ultrasonic system, a laser system, or a high-pressure pump. All three of these systems remove waste products without introducing more waste into your environment. Once your plumber has assessed the situation and the extent of the backups, he’ll be able to give you the best solution for removing whatever is causing the problem.

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