What to Expect on an Antara Luxury Cruise

With top-class hospitality, luxurious interiors, culinary masterpieces, and a personal warmth beyond expectations, and experience on-board one of Antara’s vessels is like no other. The Ganges Voyager I & II each have 28 well-appointed suites brimming with luxury. Initially, they had itineraries up to 11 days, with all their cruises beginning from Kolkata and going all the way to Varanasi, but now shorter cruises of 2-3 days are gaining preference and hence those are being curated for greater personalization.
Let’s take a look at some of the Antara Luxury Cruises’ most prominent features.
Spacious rooms with plush interiors
Unlike some of the cubbyhole cabins offered on the popular ships offering sea- or ocean-cruises, the Ganges Voyager I & II are both are all-suite vessels. With spacious rooms, decorated with exquisite wooden furniture, murals or hand-stenciled paintings on the wall, and Persian rugs adorning the seating area, every suite has floor-to-ceiling French balconies so that you never miss the dynamic views on the river.
World-class Dining experience
Only fresh local ingredients are used to prepare a delectable menu of Michelin-inspired dishes. Being in close proximity to the villages, produce is sourced directly from farms and local markets. You can also choose from some of the best wines to go with your meal, or enjoy a nightcap from a range of alcoholic beverages.
Activities on-board and off-board
Antara’s vessels offer open areas for their guests to socialize or simply soak in the sun. Wellness and yoga sessions are conducted regularly, and a modern gym is available too. Antara’s Destination Discoveries could include historic, culinary, spiritual, artisanal and wildlife excursions making sure, you have ample time to immerse yourself at the destination, as well as one signature event on every itinerary. The show doesn’t have to stop once you return to the ship – with folk dances and cultural events, your evenings can be quite lively. And if you fancy some down-time, the Spa on-board offers excellent Indian and Western treatments.
Hospitality par excellence
The staff of Antara Luxury River Cruise has proven themselves to be the standard for Indian hospitality. With one of the highest staff-to-guest ratios, and personalized butler services you feel the warmth of each member right from the moment you make a booking, up until you disembark the ship. Ever-smiling, these professionals are always at your beck and call.
All-Inclusive Plans
One of the best attractions of the Antara Cruises is that they offer all-inclusive plans that cover your accommodation, all of your meals, beverages (alcoholic & non-alcoholic), specialty teas, shore excursions, and even Wi-Fi. This simply means that once you’ve paid for your booking, you could go on the cruise without your wallet!

Antara Luxury River Cruises also offer fantastic opportunities for personalization and bespoke charters too. So these cruises can be perfect for a milestone birthday or anniversary, a family reunion, or a romantic couple’s getaway.

Author’s Bio: Kalpesh Mehta is a travel consultant and is in awe of those dreamy suites on the Antara Luxury River Cruises and can’t wait to get on-board one of their ships.

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