What to Expect When You Get Teeth Bonding?

Composite resin is applied to the tooth’s surface to repair it in the tooth bonding process. Teeth bonding is a simple, inexpensive cosmetic dental procedure that can be completed in a single visit. 

Dental bonding is the technique used to close the significant gaps between teeth, alter the shape of teeth. Dentists can use teeth bonding to place amalgam or metallic fillings to protect the exposed root of a tooth with receded gums. 


What to Expect? 

Its procedure is more straightforward than other cosmetic dental procedures. Additionally, you will not need any anesthesia at all. However, if you are feeling a cavity, then anesthesia is preferred. 

  • In the first step, your dentist will use a guide to help you select the hue of the resin to match the natural colour of the tooth.

  • Then, the tooth’s surface will be prepared, and it will be roughened up and lightly layered with an acclimatising liquid. This liquid will help the bonding material to stick to the surface quickly.

  • Once everything is prepared, a putty-like resin will be applied to your tooth by the dentist, and it will be moulded until it is in the proper shape.

  • Now, with the help of ultraviolet light or laser, the material will be hardened.

  • Once the resin is hard, your dentist will give some finishing touches to your teeth that may include shaping and polishing to match the rest of your teeth.

  • You will just need to take a minute of your time to get this bonding process done at the dental facility.

  • However, if you are looking to get multiple teeth done, be ready to visit the facility several times. 

How to Take Care of Bonded Teeth? 

If you take proper care of your bonded teeth, it can extend its life. Self-care guidelines comprise:

  • Brush and floss twice a day without forgetting 
  • Eliminate any hard to chew food such as candy 
  • Stop biting your nails 
  • Make sure you don’t consume coffee, tea, and chew tobacco for a few days after the procedure to avoid stains.
  • Visit your dentist every six months to maintain its health. 

Final Words 

It is one of the simplest and inexpensive ways to repair chipped or discoloured teeth and bring your confidence and attractive smile you need to flash your gleaming whites. Consult your dentist before determining if dental bonding is the right solution for you. 

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