What to Keep an Eye for When Looking at the Offerings of Home Extension Builders?

You are the kind of person who probably knows the countless advantages of an accessory dwelling unit. Granny flats could serve as separate dwellings to rent out for extra profit or as a space to house the essential people in your life. They can be a storage unit for your possessions or a guest house for when you want to host your friends. But more than all these things, ADUs are an investment in your future and a gateway to financial stability.

As you probably know, homes that benefit from an ADU are, on average, 25-30% better listed on the real estate market, and their value appreciates year on year. Why is that? Because of accelerating demand for affordable real estate. A granny flat built by custom home builders in Sydney can attract a significant number of potential tenants. This can allow you to recoup your investment in your new build while significantly increasing the value of your household.

A $100,000 investment in a granny flat could be recouped in less than five years, and the premium it will bring to your home will be a welcome bonus that can determine your family’s financial comfort. But you’re probably interested in learning more about this topic. So, in the following article, we’ll go into more detail about the aspects you should consider when looking for quality custom home builders in Sydney, and we’ll present how home extension builders can help you expand your interior space.

Look for Reputable Companies

The ever-growing real estate market has increased the number of custom home builders in Sydney. But you’re a person who values quality above all else, so it’s essential to keep a few aspects in mind before you start working with a specialised firm. First and foremost, you should go for a company with a well-defined online presence that benefits from reviews from many people. It is vital to look for a company with a catalogue of past work that you can consult, who is transparent with the costs associated with the procedures and the materials used.

The crew’s experience and your customizability options are also important. If the company you are working with is not open to potential client suggestions, this could be considered a red flag. Also, it is critical to call custom home builders in Sydney who benefit from separate communication departments that can respond to your potential questions anytime. Last but not least, go for specialists who are properly insured and can guarantee the quality of the work with a written warranty.

Don’t Always Go for the Most Expensive Offer

As a general rule of thumb, when it comes to the construction industry, you get what you pay for. But knowing the average price for a similar dwelling project in your area is vital. A reasonable price for a small, one-bedroom granny flat under 38 square meters might be as low as $81,000. But, on the other hand, with lower prices come differences in the quality of the finished product. It is essential to call builders who are transparent about the project’s final cost and experienced in building ADUs at different price ranges.

And the same applies if you are looking for home extension builders. Home extensions can be an ideal way to expand the interior space of your dwelling cost-efficiently, and in recent years, they have become an absolute necessity for people who need extra room in the household. Why? Because Australians are used to large homes, and a limitation of interior space is unacceptable for most people. When it comes to average square feet, Australian homes are the largest in the world, and extensions are a consequence of people’s desire for even more space.

Why Choose Home Extension Builders?

In short, because home extensions can have some real advantages over building a granny flat. Unlike an ADU, home extensions are an addition to your existing property rather than a separate structure on the same lot. This means there is a greater opportunity to match your house’s stylistic choices and build an annex that blends in with the rest of your dwelling. Just like the granny flats constructed by custom home builders in Sydney, home extensions will increase the overall market value of your house. And this is mainly due to the increase in the residence’s square footage.

What should you choose between an ADU and a home extension? It depends on your requirements. Are you mainly looking to add extra space to your living quarters? Then the offerings of home extension builders may be just what you are looking for. Instead, would you like to build a separate building that you can rent at a reasonable price? Then a granny flat is a more suitable option. The costs associated with construction and the regulations involved with starting work can vary depending on your requirements and vision. Therefore, only by calling a professional company can you make the right decision for your family.

Find Something that Works for Your Loved Ones

Ultimately, the most important thing is keeping the essential people in your life happy. Whether you are interested in the offerings of professional home extension builders or you want to call on custom home builders in Sydney to build the perfect granny flat according to your requirements, the result should be the same; your family’s satisfaction.

Granny flats or home extensions are ultimately the same things. Constructions that increase the usable space you have at your disposal while also raising your property’s market value. Home extensions are suitable if you want to extend the interior space of your home in an eye-catching way, while granny flats are an increasingly common option for people who want to build a dwelling separate from their primary residence.

Which is the right option? It depends on whether you are interested in renting the building or want it to be used only by your family. But whichever you choose, looking for the services of professional, experienced companies that can handle all your questions quickly is essential. A professional company can ensure an effective implementation of your vision which, in most cases,  will also be supported by a written warranty.

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