What To Know About Gummy Smile Treatment In India


You might be wondering what it signifies to have a gummy or toothy smile and whether you fall into one of these categories. At its most basic level, a gummy smile is characterised by an excessive revealing of the gum line when grinning. It basically means that a person’s grin has more gum than teeth, instead of a balanced ratio of the two. Luckily, Gummy Smile Treatment in India is common now. 


On the other hand, a toothy smile displays more teeth than gum, distorting the gum-to-teeth ratio and generating an unbalanced smile. Continue reading to obtain a better knowledge of these issues and the mechanisms in place to address them if you decide that rectification is the best course of action for you.


Gummy Smiles: What Causes Them?


There are a variety of causes for a gummy smile, and each one has a different treatment option.


The Teeth’s Size, Style, and Length


Because to wear attrition or naturally small teeth, the teeth are little in contrast to the gums.


Top Lip Is Too Short


Hypermobile Lips occur when the top lip is typical in length at rest but raises too high when smiling, exposing a lot of gum tissue.


Excess Maxillary Vertical

A gummy smile is produced by high expansions of the maxillary anterior Oral alveolar complexity well over the emergence of the maxillary anterior.


Mouth Breathing 


If a person breathes through their mouth owing to enlarged tonsils, adenoids, or other breathing problems, they usually have an open mouth and swollen gums.


Gummy Smiles Treatments: How to correct Gummy Smiles? 


It is critical to discuss your situation with your dentist, as they will assess the exact cause of the problem and provide the best treatment solution. So, if you’re wondering how to correct gummy smile, the following are three common GS treatments:


  • Treatment with braces or surgery: An orthodontist, who specializes in aligning teeth and jaws, can treat a GS induced by downswing of the top teeth or significant component of the upper jawbone. They may utilize orthodontic equipment or collaborate with surgeons to surgically shift the teeth upward if required.
  • Orthodontia: If your gums are covering too much of the surface of your teeth, your dentist may consider a gingivectomy. Gum contouring is a procedure that involves the excision of excess gum tissue.
  • Crown lengthening: This technique involves eliminating extra gum tissue to reveal more of the tooth’s crown and shape the gumline to raise it. A periodontist is an expert who performs this procedure.


Last but not least


If you have a gummy smile, it reveals more of your gum line than you’d like. You have numerous alternatives for repairing a gummy grin if it’s damaging your personality or you’re concerned with the health of your gums. Choose the correct Gummy Smile Treatment in India for you.


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