What to Look for in a New Kitchen Appliance

5KPM5_ER_LFor decades, appliances have served as loyal benchtop assistants in kitchens around the world. Innovative appliances like stand mixers and food processors have enabled us to prepare a variety of dishes and meals that, while perfectly possible, would have taken countless hours and effort to create without them.

Today, there are thousands of kitchen appliances available, and some are more useful than others. Whether you’re moving into a new home or just upgrading your current appliances, here are the things you want to consider as you shop to make sure you’re getting the best tools for your needs and cooking style.

More Than a One-Trick Pony

The best kitchen appliances are incredibly useful and often able to carry out a multitude of tasks in the kitchen. The key is to find a kitchen tool that is versatile and allows you to explore your culinary creativity. For example, select stand mixers can help you mix, whip, knead, and stir—but the best ones will also feature attachments that expand their capabilities. Whether it’s an attachment for rolling fresh pasta dough, churning ice cream, or stuffing sausages, with a versatile stand mixer from a trusted brand such as KitchenAid® the possibilities are endless.

A Track Record of Dependability

Speaking of which, you want to make sure that you’re buying from a trusted brand. Although something might seem like a good deal at first, if it breaks down after only a few uses, the price wasn’t worth it. Quality appliances are an investment in your culinary skills and experiences, and should stand the test of time. You want a tool that will be there for hectic family dinners and late-night snacks, and when you think about the importance of family meals, your new appliance will be a key component of your memories when you look back.

Sleek Design

Since products like blenders and toasters typically live on the benchtop, you want something that also has a sleek design and will add character to your kitchen rather than clutter. Although many might look at an appliance from a pure utility standpoint, you may be surprised by the striking designs that are out there. From premium materials to bright colours to match with your interior design and other appliances, don’t settle for a boring look when you can get a functional piece of kitchen art.

Useful Features

Finally, you want an appliance with additional features you’ll find useful. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that can have a big impact on your cooking enjoyment. For example, although a food processor might seem simple in its design and function, additional features like an exact slice lever on the outside to quickly adjust the blades can make a huge difference when you want to slice or chop differently. But not all appliances are created equal, so checking for useful additional features should factor into your buying decision along with the rest of the considerations on this list.

About KitchenAid®

KitchenAid® offers timeless design and iconic durability in their expansive range of kitchen products. Since 1919, they have provided professional and at-home chefs with the tools they need to push their recipes further. KitchenAid® appliances are known for their reliability, never failing to start up and get to work when you need them. Although the company is most well-known for their Stand Mixer range, KitchenAid® also offers practically any other tool a chef needs, including toasters, kettles, food processors, and more. Whether you want to save time doing small prep tasks or want to further express your culinary creativity in the kitchen, KitchenAid® has a versatile tool for you.

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