What to Look for in Your LED Lighting Provider

So, you’ve decided that it’s time to go the LED lighting route for the building you manage. It’s a wise choice, as LED lighting solutions are far more efficient, brighter, and offer a variety of distinctive benefits over other lighting options. Now that you’ve decided the type of lighting you’re installing, the next hardest choice is determining the provider you’ll spend your money on.

VJ6Q-fZa For many, it’s easy to assume that all LED manufacturers are the same, but when investing a significant sum in outfitting an entire office building with LED tube lights, where you spend your money matters. Here’s what you need to look for as you shop around for an LED lighting provider to do business with.

Efficiency, Innovation, and Selection

One of the differentiating factors of LED lighting that separates it from traditional lighting types is the efficiency that it brings. Not only do LED bulbs and tubes provide a higher quality of light, but LED lighting can also save business owners and homeowners money on their electricity costs. In commercial applications in particular, where you can have dozens of lights lining the ceilings of a warehouse, retail space, or shop, owners can experience significant savings over the lifespan of their LED lights.

You want to make sure that your LED lighting supplier backs their products with certifications that practically guarantee the new LED lights will serve as efficient lighting solutions that will last and therefore generate savings over time. You also want to make sure that they offer an extensive selection of LED lighting solutions that will perfectly fit your space, needs, and elevate the lighting experience. You may not be able to light every area with the same bulb or tube type, so assortment and selection are crucial.

Support When You Need It

Let’s say that you have LED flood light bulbs installed outside of your office to provide bright, efficient security lighting when needed, and one day the bulb burns out way before the rated lifetime. Or, what if you’re a homeowner and want to go the DIY route but can’t find any online information about installing a new fixture—what do you do?

If you purchase from a trusted LED lighting supplier, they’ll do more than take your money and send you LED lights. The best will offer you a variety of resources to help you install and troubleshoot your bulbs. Whether it’s the guides they feature on their website or their live support staff you can call up, always choose a lighting provider that is there for you when you need them most.

An Unbeatable Warranty

Finally, you want to make sure that your LED lighting provider backs all of their products and believes in their efficiency by offering a practically unbeatable warranty. An unlimited five-year warranty, although not the industry standard, should be, and if you’re looking at a supplier that doesn’t offer one, you might want to consider shopping elsewhere. Companies like Hyperikon, for example, stand behind their innovation, efficiency, and certifications by providing an unlimited five-year warranty on all of their products. That means should the light burn out, they’ll have your back and won’t leave you in the dark.

About Hyperikon

Since their founding in 2010, Hyperikon has established their place in the industry as a premier LED lighting provider. For both commercial and residential lighting, Hyperikon focuses on innovation, sustainability, and ease of use to ensure the best customer experience possible. Since the beginning, Hyperikon has placed a premium on helping every business and customer improve their power efficiency, contributing to greener world and a lower power bill. Check their website for offers on LED bulbs, LED tubes, LED recessed lighting, LED street lights, LED barn lights, and LED lighting solutions for every home and business’s needs. Hyperikon proudly holds a great number of U.S. patents and their products feature more than 700 certifications and qualifications.

Find out exactly how bright, warm, efficient, and long-lasting LED lighting is with Hyperikon, at Hyperikon.com

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