What to look for when buying Essential Oil

It is true that Essential oils have been in existence for thousands of years and have been an important part of the wellness and beauty business. Most buyers of essential oil get disappointed by the content of the bottle.

To know the quality of that essential oil, you are about to buy, several factors must be considered to determine the quality.

The first is that plant quality wavers due to weather impact, pest control and other chemicals, and inconsistent growth conditions. All these could the quality of essential oil gotten from such plant.

The second factor is processing. The level of distillation hygiene is so important when essential oils are being processed. Some producers purposely get this diluted while still processing for larger quantity and personal gain. This reduces the potency of this essential oil.

The third basic quality check is the Packaging. The longevity of essential oils is so related to their storage. To avoid being compromised or contaminated, packaging an essential oil in an air-tight sealed dark glass bottle is advised.

How to know when an essential oil is of high quality

It is advised that if you want to be the best judge of good essential oil, your sense of smell must be top-notch. To improve your sense of smell, you may have to be a student of an aromatherapy class. Because when it comes to the oil and scent business, you must bring in your “A Game” in scent discernment.

Apart from a good sense of smell, there are other tips you may try to add when searching for high-quality essential oil.

Read the label

It is important to read the label and should list all ingredients in the formula. If you are searching for pure essential oil, the label should specify its 100% essential oil. It should have only one ingredient that clearly states the common and the botanical name of the plant used to make the oil.

It should also declare what parts of the plant were used for production, the extraction and distillation process, and how it was grown.

Bottle check

You must look for a high-quality essential oil in an air-tight dark bottle-made glass. These glass bottles most likely come with an orifice reducer as cap that helps measure out each drop per time.

Also essential oil can be damaged by light and heat; therefore, it is important to be stored in a dark container, and chemical compounds in essential don’t do well in a plastic bottle. It is best packaged in a glass bottle.

Verify the source

The source location and origin should be disclosed on the label. The country of origin should be stated on the product page if you are getting yours from an online store. Also, online reviews from previous buyers could assist in your search for high-quality essential oil. To buy essential oils in Colorado, online stores could help. Online review for essential oils Colorado Springs could get you a good buy of high-quality essential oil.

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