What to Look Out For When Buying Meat?


Meat is a good source of protein. In addition, it also consists of a high amount of iron, vitamin, and calcium. When looking to buy doner meat kebab meat, most of us tend to look for the nice, bright-red looking meat, aren’t we? But, how many of you are aware that fresh meat is pinkish in colour? Likewise, there’re a lot more to consider when looking for doner kebab meat for sale. It’s important to choose the right kind of meat to get all the nutritional benefits of it. So, what should you look for when purchasing meat? Keep reading.

The Colour of the Meat

It’s one of the key elements that you need to factor in when looking for meat as it indicates the quality of different types of meat. However, the right colour depends on the type of meat you’re buying. Red meat should be dark colour and can vary between red and brown. If the meat is in dark brown, it means that the meat has been exposed to oxygen and it’s safe to consume. On the other hand, pork meat is in a light pink colour, and game meat should be dark brown. You would have noticed that the colour of poultry varies somewhat from one meat to another. This is because their diet affects the meat colour. Therefore, the colour of fresh poultry can vary from white to pink and yellow.

The Smell

Of course, they won’t smell good, and most of us don’t like the smell of fresh meat. But, the smell is actually the way to determine whether the meat is fresh or spoiled. If the meat smells like rotting fish or meat or some form of pungent smell, then they’re spoiled and please stay away.

Meat Cut

It’s easy to spot good quality meat by the way it’s butchered. Always look for clean cuts that are uniformly sized, and don’t opt for jagged-edged meat even if they are offered for a low price. This is especially a major thing to consider when looking for poultry meat. Lower quality meat won’t be butchered well, and they won’t be properly handled and stored when removing joints and bones. Always choose higher grade cuts.


The texture of the meat can help determine the quality of the meat. Meat should be dense, firm, and dry and make sure the fibres are tightly packed and be uniform. Make sure the meat isn’t slimy when touched, and your fingers should remain dry. Remember, the meat won’t be fresh if the flesh is translucent.

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