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When you go to the range, you need the right gear, but many new shooters have no idea what to put in a range bag. While it’s entirely possible to just bring your firearm to the range, it is by no means ideal. On the other hand, every ounce is a pound when you have to lug an over-packed range bag with you. Whether it’s supplies to clean your Nikon scopes or emergency medical supplies, here are the essentials to pack in your range bag.

Ear and Eye Protection

Two of the most important things to keep in a range bag are ear and eye protection. Whether it’s foam earplugs or electric over-the-ear headphones that cancel out sound, you need ear protection to prevent hearing loss. Eye protection is just as important for protection against dust and debris. While you can often rent both ear and eye protection at the range, bringing your own ensures a proper fit.


Again, you can typically buy ammo at the range, but it will likely be marked up. The range store has to buy it and make a profit, after all. If you want to support your local range, then by all means use the store. But getting ammo in bulk from other sources, or making it yourself, is very likely cheaper. If you are going to a range that does not have a store, such as an outdoor range, you will have nothing to shoot. Don’t forget magazines, as well.

Sun Protection

This is only applicable for outdoor ranges. Keep sunscreen in your bag to avoid sunburns. If you’re expecting to be in the sun, it’s worth investing in eye protection that includes UV protection.

Individual First Aid Kit

Hopefully, you will never need an Individual First Aid Kit, or IFAK, past treating minor cuts and scrapes. It is, however, essential to have on hand.

Maintenance Tools

You never know when you will need to clean your firearm. Having the tools to break down and clean your firearm is essential at the range. From different types of screwdrivers or punches to bore snakes, ensure you have maintenance tools. Customize this to what is needed for your firearms. If, for example, you have Redfield scopes on your rifle, be sure to bring supplies to clean the lenses of the scopes should they get dirty from dust, rain, or mud.


By the same token as maintenance tools, keeping oil in your bag ensures your firearm will keep running smoothly at the range.


To help examine a malfunctioning firearm, keep a flashlight in your bag.


If you are using paper targets, bring a stapler and staples to set them up.


Paper, clay, or metal, be sure to bring something to shoot at, especially at outdoor ranges without stores.

Chamber Flags

Chamber flags are an easy way to tell with just a glance whether a firearm has been cleared. This gives peace of mind to others, so they’re a considerate addition to your kit, even if your range does not require them.

Water and Snacks

Keep hydrated and satiate your hunger with your own water and snacks.


From red dot sights to electronic ear protection, bring extra batteries for anything that needs them.

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