What to Remember When Shipping Parcels Internationally

When you’re shipping items to international customers or you, have offered something for sale online and the buyer is overseas, there are so many aspects to consider. Parcels are transported across international waters all day long, every single day. Family members send Christmas parcels to one another or birthday presents, but every country has its own customs guidelines, and you need to ensure you are fully prepared to comply with them.

Customs regulations are among the most important points to keep in mind when it comes to international transport. Each country requires all parcels to go through their customs. In actual fact, the parcel is cleared at customs twice, once in your home country before being cleared in the destination country. Following that, customs officials examine the paperwork, look over the parcel and then hand it over to the courier service to be delivered.

Additionally, if you have to go through customs there is also a possibility that charges will be payable in the receiving country. This is why it is important to be sure to complete the paperwork in a timely manner. Some products are tax-exempt on arrival, typically based on cost. Also, if selling online, make sure all buyers know they are responsible for any customs charges.

One of the things you need to keep in mind is the courier cost. Courier services vary, and while they may be cheaper than others, some couriers depend on shipping, while other couriers focus on air travel. Of course, this plays majorly for the delivery times of the parcel. It is possible to use regular mail as an option, but you must be ready for your delivery time to be delayed by the time the parcel will be routed through the normal postal channels, passes through two customs, and is then delivered at the other end. This is the reason why international shipping using a professional courier Singapore is quicker, safer, and more effective.

You must pay close attention to the delivery times. Naturally, you cannot imagine sending the parcel in the shortest timeframe and having it be delivered to its destination across the world by tomorrow. There’s often an in-between time frame that considers shipping timing and customs. Customs in some countries is faster and more streamlined than in others. This determines how long your delivery can take. Be sure to be attentive to holiday and public celebrations in various countries, since customs offices are closed on many of these holidays. This means that your parcel will be at the airport for a few days until the officials return to work.

Many international couriers will have strict packaging requirements. So, when you book an international delivery parcel it is advisable to speak with the courier service to determine how they would like you to pack the item. this way, you can be sure that there’s no possibility of the parcel being denied or turned away at the destination country.

Check out the prohibited items. Many countries have strict guidelines regarding the goods they allow to go into or out of their countries. If you’re trying to send an item that is restricted, it will be returned back to you. Most courier services will provide you with a full list of restrictions upon request to ensure that you’re not in violation of any rules or trying to send an item that is restricted to a different nation.

Remember, most international shipping comes with insurance. It is your responsibility to check that the amount of insurance provided is sufficient to pay for the parcel. If you do not believe your package is covered by the insurance allowance, you’ll be able to contribute to increasing the value of your insurance.

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