What to Write on and How to Anoint Candles for Ritual Use

When performing rituals or spells, it is crucial to charge and anoint your candles beforehand.

Charging and anointing a candle with a certain oil, or inscribing symbols and inscriptions on it, will make the candle and its purpose more powerful, and will increase the effectiveness of your rituals and spells.

Using a pink candle (pink denotes love) etched with love-based symbols is common practice when casting a spell to attract a romantic partner, bring back lost love, or otherwise improve the quality of an existing romantic relationship. Next, you’d anoint the candle with love or attraction-themed oil to reinforce the power of the inscription.

Equally true with rituals and charms aimed at attracting money. One would light a green candle (which is symbolic of money and plenty) and write positive wishes for financial success on its surface. After that, a special oil would be blessed in the name of wealth and success.

How to Write on a Candle for a Ritual

After a candle has been blessed and purified for use in a spell, it might be engraved with symbols and phrases related to the ritual or magic at hand.

For a love spell, for instance, you may inscribe your initials and the target’s initials on the candle, or the complete names of the current and yourself. Together with the names, you may also add symbols that indicate love, such as a heart, or even ancient symbols of love, like the Reiki love symbol.

A sharp object is required to scrape the candle’s surface. This might be anything from a cocktail stick to a pin to a specialized scribing instrument. But after you’ve made your selection, give it an appropriate dedication and put it away in your magical tool cabinet until you need it.

Focus on the result as you carve the words into the candle. Create a little ceremony out of it. You may “Dress” your candle once you’ve personalized it. This step is totally up to you, but it is simple and will further strengthen your spell.

Purifying the Candle You Will Use in Your Ritual

The next step in properly charging your ritual candles is to anoint them. As said before, while anointing, choose oils that are appropriate for your purpose. Therefore, such oils would be used to attract a romantic partner.

There is a very particular way to anoint your candle. The standard procedure is holding the ritual candle in one hand while dipping the first two fingers of the other hand into oil and working from the top (the end with the wick) down toward the candle’s center. Once you’ve reached the middle, pull your finger off the candle, turn it slightly, and do it again. Then, using the oiled fingertips, work your way up from the candle’s base to its core. Repeat the procedure of stopping in the middle, lifting your fingers off, and turning the candle a little bit to cover the rest of the base.

Anoint the candle with intention, visualizing the result you want the spell to produce. Professional spellcasters would typically anoint the candle in a certain direction before casting their spell. The candle is anointed from the top to the center, then from the bottom to the middle, while casting a spell to draw something to the weaver of the spell. For sending anything away, such as bad habits, negative energy, breaking jinxes, or hexes, the candle is dressed from the center out to the top and then from the center out to the bottom.

After coating the candle in oil, you may roll it in herbs that correspond to the ritual you’re about to execute. You may use Agrimony to reverse the effects of a hex, Chamomile to make new friends, Hyssop to cleanse and purify, Patchouli to increase your fortune, and so on. After you have cast your magic and the candle has been lighted, let it burn down entirely.

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