What Turns Potential Customers Away from a Website?

Websites need to be designed to attract potential customers – not to turn them away. However, there are some factors that can cause customers to drop off from a website soon after visiting it. You need to make sure that any potential customer coming to your website gets what they want and you can easily provide your services. If the process for making a purchase is convenient, there is a high chance that potential customers will turn into paying customers. Ensuring this requires you to eliminate all the hurdles in the way of the potential customer and their purchase. Let’s find out what these hurdles might be that can turn potential customers from a website.


Complex Text

The textual part of your website’s content is very crucial for engaging any potential customer and giving them the reason to explore the website further. If this text is hard-to-read and makes use of complex terms that are specific to your industry then the visitor would get discouraged and promptly leave. Your goal with your website’s text should be to captivate the attention of potential customers. Thus, it is paramount that this text is written in a simple language that everyone can understand. It is also important that you don’t have long paragraphs of text on the landing page. No one has the time to read it all. The text should be concise and crisp that can be easily understood even at a glance.

Longer Loading Times

Having to wait for a website to load is one of the biggest turn-offs for an internet user. People don’t like waiting in general and if you make them wait to view your website for even a few seconds, they won’t hesitate in leaving. If you want potential customers to stay back and explore the website further, you need to reduce its loading time. There are many ways to do this. For instance, you can minimize the size and the number of images on your website. If there is any unnecessary flash content or video on the website then removing it would work too.

Too Many Ads

Ads are a good source of income for a website but they can be one of the reasons why potential customers won’t stay on your website long enough to make a purchase. Having a few ads on the website doesn’t hurt and the visitors won’t mind seeing them. However, if there are too many of them then they can be irritating for the visitor. Moreover, you also don’t want the ads to lead the potential customers away from your website. So, it is best that you keep the ads tally to a minimum and only feature those ads that are relevant to your business.

Avoid Playing Videos on Auto

Videos can help capture the attention of potential customers. However, having the video play automatically when the website loads can irritate the visitors and cause them to turn away immediately. So, make sure that give the visitors the chance to decide whether they want to play them or not.

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