What value would an MBA bring for a data scientist?

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The journey of an MBA to become a data scientist is an unconventional journey one, but something that all MBA graduates should be looking at. Without a doubt, data science is one of the growing fields and is the hottest selling skill which is attracting a lot of attention to freshers and even working professionals. To become a data science expert, you can opt for data science certification or data science training, but do you know what it takes to become a data science expert? It is a blend of technical aspect and managerial skill that is going to help you climb the ladder of success. Data Science holds a lot of prospects, especially for working professionals who wish to excel in their career. It becomes important to invest in learning a course that can help them upskill, and if you have a flair for technology and interest in Data, then data science certification is surely the way out for you.

How can an MBA become a data science expert?

1.Begin with developing non-negotiable skills– These are the skill sets which cannot be compromised. Whether you are an MBA graduate or a fresher, these skill sets are a must for you. It includes:

  • SQL– If you are willing to become an expert in data science, then the first thing that you need to learn is SQL. Learning SQL can be intimidating for others, but for the MBA graduates who want to excel as a data science expert, then you need to know SQL. You can also opt for a crash course in SQL.


  • Programming language: As a data science expert, you also need to be well-versed with a programming language. Knowledge about programming languages like R, Python, Java is going to be helpful in this. Python is a highly versatile programming language which finds multiple use cases, and if you wish to learn it, then you can opt for a python certification program.


  • Statistics: Data science experts have to work on different data sets and draw inferences from the same. Statistical knowledge is mandatory here. If you have opted for an MBA and statistics is your forte, then data science certification is going to upgrade your skill to the next level.


  1. Choose the right certification program- Now that you know about the various skills that you must have, it is important to choose the right certification program. Several online platforms are offering best certification courses and training in Data Science. You must check their curriculum and what they offer as a part of their data science certification program. Run through the curriculum, and if you find it helpful, then you must consider the data science certification program for yourself.
  2. MBA in data analytics- You must not be taken by surprise, but data science is now one of the proffered choices for MBA. With the knowledge of data science and MBA, you know how to present your ideas. 

Job profile for data science experts with MBA:

When you have the magical combination of data science and MBA, the world of opportunity awaits for you. We have discussed here some of the key profiles that are open for you:

  • Product analyst- These are responsible for analysing the target market, developing marketing strategies, understanding the preferences of the customer and propagating the marketing plan accordingly. While an MBA degree will give you an understanding of the marketing strategies, Data Science will ensure that they hit the target right at the bull’s eye. Data Science lets you assess the market requirement with precision, and based on it; you can formulate marketing strategies.


  • Data Science consultant– These individuals need to have excellent industry knowledge and analytical skills. They will create a data science solution for clients, thus giving them expected results.


  • Product management– Another job profile where you can reap the benefits of data science and MBA is product management. It requires an understanding of the business requirement and formulating strategies accordingly. 

There were a few of the prospective data science applications for MBA graduates. The world of opportunities awaits for those who want to make a career in data science. With an MBA degree and data science as a key skill set, you will beat the competition in the market.

Concluding thoughts- When it comes to choosing the right learning platform for data science courses, then Global Tech Council becomes a leading name. It has several online certification programs with its data science training being industry-recognized. 

The entire curriculum has been prepared with a blend of conceptual and practical learning. In addition to learning the concepts of data science, you will also learn how to implement the same. 

Data is going to rule the world and fuel the transformation across the different industrial segments. If you also want to be a part of the winning bandwagon, this is the time to start. 

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