What Was the History of Petrol Bowser in Australia?

Every country has their part in the invention of many things and machinery their entry to other country and surviving them is a plot to finished. From the early years, 1920 the transmission of petrol bowsers has been huge in Australia. The petrol bowsers have been evolving into a new industry that supports the nation in different ways.  

In few places, we can still see the vintage style bowsers while travelling this shows how strong and sturdy they were. In simple words, a bowser is fuel filling equipment used to fill and measure the amount of fuel dispensed to the vehicle.  

History of Petrol Bowser 

The picture above of an old model bowser can illustrate the fact how the transition of fuel bowsers or petrol bowsers has been going through. They were named bowsers after the name of the first inventor of gas pump station Mr Sylvanus Free love Bowser in memory of him.  

However, the entry of bowsers in Australia started in the early 1920’s they started grew only a few years later. We go to petrol stations and fill petrol easily without any trouble these days because of the struggle of earlier changes in history. 

Though the fuel bowsers were introduced in 1923 around 1927 there were only 65 fuel pumps imported to the whole of Australia even after 4 years. Only after the 1930s, there were many better promotions and development happened to be in the petrol bowsers.  

But these days there are a lot is changes going on in an automobile that is reflecting on them even the names to be turned as servo meaning service stations. 

ReplacementReplacement could be another word used to resent the modifications that are happening through the modern days. We see that many models of cars and bikes are being launched these days which reduces the usage of high fuel capacity, unlike the old models.  

Final Words  

The love for vintage cars and bikes is ever ending as we see many collectors using them. In the same way, many people still love to use the term bowsers than servos and love to find some antique model fuel bowsers around.  

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