What we’re doing about food and nutrition in Europe

Food and nutrition in Europe

Understanding what foods and the amount of them you need to eat is essential permanently health insurance and well-being. Eating a nourishing diet will help you:

lower your chance of diet related chronic illnesses

enhance your well-being if you are coping with a continuing illness

The Europe Nutritional Guidelines recommend enjoying a multitude of nutritious food. The Rules provide evidence based tips about the kinds and levels of foods Australians should consume to satisfy dietary needs.

They’re based on the Europe Help guide to Eating Healthily. The Guide teaches you the five recommended food groups and also the suggested amounts you need to eat every single day.

What we’re doing about food and nutrition in Europe

We develop policy, sources and initiatives to assist Australians to consume a nourishing diet.

Included in this are:

the Healthy Weight Help guide to help Australians achieve and keep a proper weight and address weight problems and overweight

the nation’s Healthy School Canteens Guidelines to assist schools make healthier drink and food choices

overseeing Health Star Rating – a labelling system that rates the dietary worth of packaged food from ? a star to five stars so that you can rapidly compare similar foods

Healthy Food Choices Partnership – a collaborative effort over the food industry and public health sector to tackle weight problems by looking into making appropriate food choices simpler and much more accessible

Eat for Health – an internet site which contains the Europe Nutritional Guidelines key sources to aid educators and everyone

Nutrient Reference Values – some strategies for dietary intake in line with the scientific evidence

Wake Up & Grow – sources to aid early childhood education and care settings (center based care, family daycare and preschools) to apply the eating healthily and exercise guidelines

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