What You Need to Know About Boltless Shelving

longspan shelving system

When it comes to industrial shelving, large and sturdy shelves often take up a lot of space in a warehouse and especially for businesses with smaller storage needs, this is can be crucial. Therefore, in the case small and medium sizes storages, boltless shelving would be the perfect alternative to consider. There are different varieties that hav been manufactured under boltless shelves like long span shelving and it is important to know prior to making a purchase.  

What is boltless shelving

Less expensive than other shelving units, boltless shelving unlike other shelving systems is a less complicated storage shelving that can be configured without nuts and bolts. Boltless shelving is interestingly versatile and adapt to any storage needs. In addition, it is also an ideal solution for products which are not palletized – whether small to medium-sized to be stored by hand. It is designed for both – assembling and basic structure. With boltless shelving solutions you can store a wide range of items in a different sizes and shapes. While this type of shelving are found in hardware or auto boutiques to store bulky goods, they are also common around garages and general store purposes that store dry rations in large quantities also generally used in warehouses and factories.

Types of boltless shelving

Long span shelving

As one of the sturdiest shelving system, long span shelving are also known as wide-span shelving or long-span racking. They come very handy for heavy, long or awkward items such as steel, timber or chipboard, that are usually loaded off manually. Plus, they are very user-friendly and is the first choice when it comes to affordability. Long span shelves can hold up to 2400 pounds per shelf and make optimal use of the spaces available in an area it occupies

Z-Beam shelving

The Z-Beam shelving design is the ideal storage solution for getting any room or area properly organized. They are rigid and strong enough to bear high capacity loads. These storage units fuse longspan and low profile shelving together and are great for backroom areas where space is the ultimate concern. Plus, Z-Beam shelving offers space profiles in high capacity with flexible contoured beams.

Advantages of boltless shelving

Easy to use

One of the excellent features of the boltless shelving system is that it needs no additional equipment or materials to assemble the units. Because it does not require nuts and bolts like other shelving systems, it makes it easy to erect and simple to reconfigure for the user. Some units take a lot of time and effort to install from the start and usually require other equipments. Boltless shelving only require a rubber mallet, without clips and bolts, both processes are complete in just minutes.

Customizable and adjustable

While being extremely organizable, boltless shelving is able to meet your specific requirements all thanks to the rivet beams. These individual materials allow the units to connect with other shelves without any hassle. 

Heavy duty storage

Since these shelving units can span a great length or have the capacity to be extended to great lengths, boltless shelving can also bear large and bulky items. These units feature sturdy steel posts, heavy decking, and industrial-grade angle posts and components, providing long-term structural integrity.

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