What You Need To Know About Car AC Repair

Repairing the air conditioning system is the top priority when you take your car out for service. But what if your car AC starts giving trouble before its service date? In such a case, you must be prepared. This piece of information contains everything you need to know about car AC repair.


Basic terms about car AC

A car AC consists of five major components as mentioned below-:

  • Compressor

It compresses refrigerant gas, commonly known as Freon. The kinetic energy of the gas increases due to compression, and it becomes hot.

  • Condenser

The hot gas is then passed through a series of coils that use outside air to cool down the gas.

  • Dryer or accumulator

As the name suggests, the basic task of this component is to dry the air.


Symptoms of bad ac compressor


When your AC compressor stops working, you need to be alert and observe things happening inside your car. If the below things happen, it may be due to a bad AC compressor.

Bad smell

  • Loud noise

Sometimes, moving parts of the AC compressor may wear out over time. This may cause a high pitch grinding or belt squeal sound. This is an indication that your AC needs overhauling. The engine powers a compressor, and the belt is in motion till the engine is running. The compressor doesn’t work properly if the clutch is damaged or stuck. And the movement of the clutch is easily visible; therefore, you can inspect it to detect any fault.

  • Bad smell

If you observe any unusual smell in your car, the AC may not be working properly. This could happen due to the build-up of mold, fungi, bacteria, and other things. If the bad smell continues for several days, take your car for inspection. The bacteria may enter your lungs, causing health issues; resolve this issue as soon as possible.


How long does it take to repair?


It may depend on the problem. First of all, the repairer will remove all the residue gas from the air conditioning system. The dashboard is removed to take out the cooling coil. The coil is cleaned and fitted back; afterward, AC vents are cleaned to ensure no airflow obstruction due to the vent. The next step may involve opening the bumper to remove the condenser. The condenser is then cleaned and placed back. Finally, the gas is filled, and the service is complete.


It is recommended to bring your car for AC repair only to professionals in Katy because this work requires precision; if there is any leak in the system, the air conditioning system may not work.


How often should you take your car for service?


You can get your car AC checked whenever you take it for service. If there is any issue in the air conditioning system, you will need to take your car for AC repair in Houston. On average, you can take your car for AC repair once a year.


If there is a leak in the system, your car AC will need Freon refilling. Under such conditions, you need to get your car checked by a professional.

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