What You Need to Know About Hair Perm in Singapore

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What You Need to Know about Hair Perm in Singapore 

Are you tired of your same-old straight hair? Are you dreaming of having bouncy curls or flawless waves? Step into the best perm hair salon in your locality and make your dream come true. 


What is Hair Perming?

Hair perming is styling your hair with chemicals to have a permanent or semi-permanent texture of curls or waves. The procedure includes the application of perm lotion, wrapping locks in curling rods, rinsing, and neutralizing the chemicals. Even though perming healthy hair is harmless, the procedure should be done by a well-experienced professional to avoid the risk of hair damage. There are many perm hair salons in Singapore and they offer a wide variety of perming styles that move with the latest trends. 


Hair Perming Styles in Singapore

If you are interested in getting a hair perm in Singapore, here are your options,

  • Classic perm
  • Soft perm
  • Supreme soft root perm
  • Supreme soft perm
  • Digital perm
  • Supreme soft digital perm


What You Need to Know before Perming Your Hair

Excited to own a rocking style with thick, luscious, curly locks? This is what you should and shouldn’t do before your most-awaited hair perm. 


1. Do not bleach.

Bleaching weakens your hair. Strong bleaching chemicals cause hair thinning and breakage. If you are intending to get a perm, avoid bleaching your hair for at least 6 months before the procedure to avoid the risk of frying your hair. 


2. Avoid layering or thinning.

Other than achieving curls, a hair perm is done to make your hair look more voluminous. If your hair is layered or thinned on purpose, most likely the perming effect will not last long. Hair perming looks beautiful on hair with a heavy bottom. 


3. Do not rebond. 

Rebonding straightens your hair. If you have had a recent rebond, perming would not leave a long-lasting effect on your hair. Why spend your precious time and money on perming if the results don’t last long. If you are planning to get a hair perm, make sure not to rebond your hair at least for a good twelve months. 


4. Avoid henna, herbal hair treatment, or keratin treatment.

Keratin treatments and herbal treatments like henna coloring leave an additional coating on your hair strands, blocking the way for perming chemicals to process. When perming chemicals are not absorbed well, you would not receive your dreamy, bouncy curls. Keep your hairstylist informed about all treatments that your hair has undergone previously. 


5. Reduce damage by proper maintenance.

It is a known fact that the healthier the hair is, the longer the perm will last. Prepare your hair for the perming procedure by improving its overall health with homecare products, hair masks, and trimming of split ends. 


6. Do not perm and color on the same day.

Both perming and hair coloring involve strong chemicals. Doing both procedures on the same day will damage your hair extensively and leave little effect at all. If you are willing to undergo both procedures, take a good break in between to let your hair restore its moisture and strength. 


7. Get a pre-service consultation.

If you are getting a perm done, it is recommended to get a pre-service consultation from your hairstylist one week prior to the process. It will help you clear all your doubts and cut your stress by half.


8. Do your research. 

The results of hair perming are often unpredictable. If you have any specific hair look on your mind, it is better to give a clear idea about your requirement to the stylist by showing photos or videos. 


9. Free-up your schedule.

Perming is not an instant procedure like getting temporary curls with a heating rod. It takes at least 4-5 hours to complete every step. If you walk into the salon for a perm, be sure that your schedule has 4-5 hours allocated for it. 


10. Be keen on aftercare.

From the moment you get your hair perm done, you are bound to follow all aftercare tips as your hairstylist suggests. This includes applying products and spending 10-20 minutes blow-drying your hair daily. Maintaining permed hair is not that difficult if you get the hang of it. Always remember that the better you take care of the perm, the longer its effects will last. 


Bottom Line

If you are looking to get bouncy curls or shiny waves, choose the best perm salon to go to and get your hair permed by a licensed hair expert. Follow all the above tips to enjoy the maximum effects of your hair perm and make your curls last longer.

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