What you should know about barium hydroxide

If we do not discuss the role of barium hydroxide in endothermic reaction, the article on barium hydroxide will be incomplete. Endothermic reaction is a reaction that absorbs heat from the surroundings. The area has therefore become significantly cooler.
You can see this endothermic reaction if you mix barium hydroxide with ammonium chloride. When you mix the two compounds in a beaker, the temperature drops too fast. If you measure the temperature inside the beaker, you will see that it has dropped below – 20 ℃. The reaction absorbs the surrounding heat and generates ammonia, barium chloride and water.


Barium hydroxide is mainly used to produce other barium products. However, these products will be discussed later. Barium hydroxide is also used to measure the concentration of weak acids in the laboratory. This process is called titration. This compound is also used to make glass, grease or other bases. It is also used for sewage treatment.


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Barium hydroxide is a white granular compound.

It consists of barium ion and hydroxide ion.

Its original form is ionic.

The molecular weight of barium hydroxide is 171.344 g/mol.
Barium hydroxide is a strong base, which is completely dissociated in water and releases BaO cations and barium hydroxide cations.

Barium hydroxide octahydrate needs 78 ℃ to melt. The monohydrate form and the anhydrous form need 300 ℃ and 407 ℃ respectively to melt.

The boiling point of barium hydroxide is 780 ℃. If you heat the compound further, it will cause thermal decomposition, and you will get barium oxide.

Barium hydroxide is soluble in water, it is only slightly soluble. Barium hydroxide compounds with a molar concentration of 0.1 M are soluble in water. Compounds with high molar concentrations are insoluble in water.

Barium hydroxide is dangerous.

Although barium hydroxide is not as dangerous as acid, it is a corrosive substance. It will hurt your skin, eyes, fingers, etc. There is evidence that kidney damage is also due to long-term exposure to barium hydroxide. Inhalation of barium oxide can damage the respiratory tract.

Therefore, in an industrial environment, barium hydroxide is handled carefully by trained workers.
Barium hydroxide is too expensive. The teacher can’t show you how endothermic reaction works. This compound is not used in the home environment. However, you must understand this compound because of its unique properties, because of its industrial applications.



Therefore, we realize how important barium hydroxide is not only from the perspective of examination, but also from the perspective of application. This topic can not only help you get good grades in the chemistry exam, but also help you get good grades in the chemistry practice. We suggest you keep alert during the practice, which will add more wisdom to your knowledge base.

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