What you should know before applying for domain name registration?

If you are starting your business online, you will need domain name registration first. Therefore, here we have prepared the best guide to know before applying for domain name registration.

It is not mandatory to buy the domain with the web hosting provider:

Many domain name registrar companies offer domain registration as a package that in addition to storage, includes other services.

The important thing here is to know that it is not necessary or mandatory, to register the domain with the same web hosting company. It is not even necessary, either, that both companies are from the same country.

SSL Certificate:

An SSL certificate has the function of requesting the servers where the domain is hosted to establish a secure connection with the web browser so that all traffic between the browser and the web hosting servers is protected. This certificate can be linked to the domain whatever its extension, even if you have multiple domains you can get a multi-domain SSL certificate.

The advantage of having such a certificate is not only that it provides more security and protection to the financial information and personal data of users, but also, the site can experience a better positioning in the Google search engine. So it is advisable to buy cheap SSL from the authentic registrar.

Recruitment time:

It is a very important aspect when registering a domain that must be analyzed in detail. It is important to know that you can register a domain for at least 1 year and a maximum of 10 years.

However, the key to everything is to keep in mind the expiration date since it is well known for Hosting companies and other domain registrars, who are on the hunt for domains about to expire.

If you forget to renew the registration, you can lose the domain name, therefore it is convenient to register for two years and be aware of the renewal notices or if necessary configure the automatic renewal so that the charge is made automatically to the card PayPal credit or account.

Domain extensions:

The domain extension is the final part that appears in the domain name or URL. The most popular domain extensions include .com, .net and .org, however, they are not the only ones available and your choice will depend both on your current availability, as on the theme or purpose of the site.

For example, a .com domain is usually recommended for all types of pages, both commercial and personal, while a .org domain is aimed at government organizations or educational institutions, as well as non-profit associations.

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