What’s and How’s of Car Registration In California


Who would mind a short-cut to reach his destination? Unless it is unsafeeverybody would prefer to take the route which would help him reach sooner. How you wish to take the short cut to DMV services in California? The state has got a huge number of drivers to which tons get added every year. This leads to nothing but massive chaos at field offices of department of motor vehicles.

Who need to register their motor vehicles?

One of the most important reason for which motor vehicle owners visit DMV offices is to get them registered. These can be newly purchased vehicles. Every time possession of a vehicle changes from one to other person it needs to be registered and titled in his name.

Moreover the cars that have been recently racing on the roads of California would be required to get registered. Recent residents to California are supposed to avail auto registration services for their respective vehicles before completion of 20 days after becoming the residents.

Who is resident of California?

It is important to clear the ambiguity for entitlement of Californian resident. You are legally a Californian resident, when:

  • You are employed in California
  • You rent or lease a home or apartment in CA.
  • Your dependents are part of education system of state.
  • You claim tax exemptions on some property in CA.
  • You have applied for driver’s license or voter registration.

Registration Requirements In CA

You can visit local DMV for registering your new set of wheels. If you are visiting personally reach there with title of your car and emissions inspection certification. Along with these carry ID proof, filled-out registration form and the fees amount (in acceptable form).

Accelerating the process of registration is possible if you reach there prepared. For avoiding revisits to DMV for registering needs you can also check the checklist available on official website of California DMV.

How does registration of private party purchases differ from that of bought from dealerships?

Buying motor vehicle from a dealer buyers enjoy upper hand over the car purchases from private sellers. Registration paperwork will be done for you by them. You will receive temporary registration certificate that can be kept until permanent registration reaches you via mail. They may also help you with license plates but it would be better if you ask for it beforehand.

On the other hand there would be zero intervention of private seller as far as DMV formalities are concerned. To do this, visit nearest DMV office. You can either schedule an appointment online or can speak to DMV personnel over phone.

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