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Lightning starting running guards still need time recovery
San Diego lightning is tolean – Matthews atrigletal tissue in the knee in the knee. He still did not return to the extent that you can start running.

The team is now unstoppable to let Matthew back to the scene because the rookie runs to Brandon – Oliver stands out, and he presents the speed of the open area and the tenacity of the punch in the bunch of people. When the Matthews finally returned, the lightning position after the four-point guardian-Lilip-Rivers, will be able to eliminate two two-running partnership combinations.

A few days ago said: “For the talented question, I want to say that I always keep modest, but I don’t think I want to be a type. No one is a type, I don’t say I am a unique quarter-saving I just want to say that my many talents have never happened to a person. ”

But the decisive factor was not injured packaging Gongben field of defeat. Inadequate protection quarterback, missed tackles, second missing people, these are the last season, there have been an old problem. Especially in the third quarter, the Packers almost all the problems broke out together, so that they are gradually throw off the Seahawks in the game’s most critical strategic nodes.

Dallas denim is the most eye-catching is the two supernovators in the team: the preseason play the excellent quartz Dak-Prescott and the university star running Izegil – Ai Ott. The former played too many surprises in the regular season, but the latter has become an important road weapon for cowboy. Currently, I will win 134 yards and 2 times, but there is 2 times, and the rookie run is still needed to protect the ball. The team’s super star entry dez-Bryant still did not have a chemical reaction with Prescott, and believe that the pair of bear teams that face defensive second-line relatively weak will be won.

2016 season regular season on the third week of Sunday Night Race @ 牛仔
On the third week, we were still in the country. The Chicago Bear San Dynasty Challenge Dallas Cowboys. The bear team that has already opened the game is very likely to usher in the third loss of this season.

The defensive front line built in the bear break is played in the face of the eagle last week. The road attack of the eagle in the audience is limited to only 100 yards. However, injuries are still the largest enemy, and many defensive groups in the team have different degrees of injury last week. In the face of the offensive front line of the cowboy, can the bear team continue to face the power of the eagle? Jay-Carterle poor performance has been completely buried, this is about to become the highest salary of the league, so high salary low can be rare.

Jefferson put a lot of color in the passed ball offensive system of Louisiana State University, completed 111 battles, pushed 1540 yards, reached 18 times, and won the national college champion. Although there is a good physical, speed, and the ability to promote the ability, it is still a small challenge to Dides.

The Packers, the injury has become one of their biggest enemy. The main defensive spikes Raj season, the main offensive tackle Bugera and limped off early in the game today. Packers offensive line this is the weakest link, after the loss of Bugera, soldiers available is more limited.

Viking Word announced the defending frontline player Shelton Richardson, which was once the effectiveness of the Seattle Hawks and New York jet. The contracts signed by both parties were one year, with a value of 8 million US dollars, calculated that the value of the prize was up to 11 million US dollars.

Although only a sophomore, but Lacey has an important significance for the Packers offensive group: the team ran pass tends to balance, so that false true biography run tactics to get better use; take the offensive in the high-frequency strategy team under the presence Lacey also provide the necessary strength. In order to play a game of the season to judge Lacey fair enough, but in the case of other teams on his features more familiar, the Packers need to plan ahead.

The 27-year-old Runa will not play this week, and then the Thursday night of the Dain Buddha wild horse will not play, considering that he has not progressed to the stage of running in the recovery schedule, it is difficult to believe that he is ready. Play. In the case of the team’s tenth week, the lightning of 5 wins and 1 loss now is likely to let the running guard to rest after the end of the court.

In addition, the Seahawks need to Hal Man can long-term health. His career has never played in a season to all screenings starting, once would have a peek at this web-site happened, the team’s offensive power will be greatly reduced. In a sense, Hal Man’s injury might be the biggest rival Seahawks offensive group encounter.

Richardson will defensive disappearance in Viking, Defensive Pathfalls, Joseph, Daniel, wholesale jerseys and Daniel, Taniel – Hunval Hunter) partner. If you are good at defensive tactics, Mike Zimmer can stimulate Richardson’s huge potential, and Viking will have the most destroyed defensive front line of the alliance.

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