What’s New in Windows Server 2019?


Microsoft has its marketing efforts ( on server 2019 product family) mainly on promotinginnovation and new capabilities in 4 ways: The HC( Hyper-converged infrastructure), Hybrid Capabilities with Azure, Security and not forgetting ” Faster innovation for application”. Even though we are more intrigued with marginal Windows Updates, Window 2019 comes with more than just a service park. A great example is in security were we get Advance Threat Protection (ATP) which previously was (still is) and independent product. You can download ATP for free for a 90 days evaluation for free by clicking this link. Initially, ATP was developed by an Israeli startup company named Aerator, but it was acquired by Microsoft in 2014. Here is an in-depth comparison between version 2019 and older Window versions “Windows Server Feature Comparison 2008R2-2019.”
Windows Server 2019 Datacenter and standard

Microsoft windows server 2019 standard and Datacenter are the main products of Windows Serve 2019 family. You can install any of the two in server core mode or Desktop Experience (GUI) mode. To begin with,let’s have a comparison between the editions Standard and Datacenter, then we can look at their sub-options server core and desktop experience.


AS the most comprehensive edition of the Microsoft Server product family, the Windows Server 2019 is the most expensive version, starting at $6,155 all according to Microsoft. Compared to the MSRP of the equivalent server of version 2016, there is an increase in price. License cost is calculated based on the core/CAL basis.

The datacenter license offers more features and capabilities with a minimal amount of licensing limitation on all server editions. A great example is all server virtualized a Datacenters server are licensed automatically by the datacenter host, since the host and guest servers are of the same version. The following guests can also be automatically activated using a Virtual Machine Activation (AVMA).


Given that feature are dynamic (they come and go based on the releases). Naturally, new versions come with more capabilities with some capabilities eliminated.


The Shielded Virtual Machines were introduced with Microsoft windows server 2019 standard, but they were only available in the Datacenter editing. The release of version 2019 comes with the same feature. However, the Host Guardian service is available in the standard edition in Windows Server 2019,something that was only viable in the Datacenter edition of windows server 2016.  Certainly, this is something that happens from time to time.

Finally, new capabilities are introduced with new releases of window server; at the same time, other features are dismissed. Some features are exclusive of the Datacenter edition while some are widely available on cheaper licensing options. You can have a look at more details on version 2019 vs older version below: “Windows Server Feature Comparison 2008 R2-2019″.

Here is a comprehensive list of features that were either removed from Windows Server 1803 as well as a list of features that are no longer in development. Note that this list is partly compared to the longer list in window server 2019 product family. This can be as a result of two key reasons: 1. Microsoft windows server 2019 standard 16 cores is an upgrade from 2019, while 1803 is an upgrade from 1709. Most likely there are more features that were dismissed in version 1709 as well as 1809: 2 windows server 2019 is made of a whole family of products this includes the essentials.

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