What’s the difference between being a scholar of tafseer vs. studying the Quran online?

Quran Online Memorization – Learn How to Memorize Quran Online a Quran is more than a book – it’s a living, breathing text that needs to be studied with diligence and devotion. When it comes to reading the Quran for yourself, there are two things you need to remember: (1) a Quran is never too old to study, and (2) it’s essential to study the Qur’an in a way that brings you closer to God. With these in mind, here are six ways to memorize the Quran that will have you reading through it faster than ever before.

What’s the difference between being a scholar of tafseer vs. studying the Quran online?

A scholar of tafseer is someone who spends time studying the Quran and then shares their knowledge with the public. An online student studies the Quran online and learns everything for themselves.

How can someone become a scholar of tafseer?

quran tafseer online courses  are chosen by Allah (SWT). You have to pray to Allah to be accepted as a scholar.

How many hours do you spend on tafseer each week?

I spend 10-12 hours per week studying the Quran and learning tafseer.

 Can you give me some advice for studying the Quran online?

I advise that you first learn how to properly recite the Quran and memorize it. 

What kind of study material do you use?

I use the quran study material written by Dr. Sajid Mardan. It covers all the ayats in the quran. It also has detailed commentary and explanations.

What are some of the ways you memorize the Qur’an?

 I memorize the Qur’an by reading it every day, listening to audio recordings of it, studying it online, and studying from Dr. Mardan’s book.

 Is there anything else you want to tell our readers about studying the quran?

Studying the Qur’an is very rewarding. Allah gives rewards to those who do good, and punishes those who do evil. It brings happiness and peace in life, as well as salvation after death.

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