What’s the Difference Between Face Scrubs and Masks?

Masks and scrubs for the face just feel good. They offer near-instant gratification in that they can reveal softer, silkier, and smoother-looking skin. Both aid in removing dead skin cells, making way for fresh skin cells to replace them. But what’s the difference between them? While they are similar, let’s look at a few different types of scrubs and masks to help understand some subtle differences in their purpose.

TULA_Ombre_Cleanser2_SqFacial Scrubs

Face scrubs remove dry, dead skin cells to help revive the look of dull skin. A scrub is an exfoliator and should be packed with beneficial ingredients to leave your skin soft and bright. An effective scrub contains natural physical exfoliators, such as sugar, which is water soluble. Sugar is slightly grainy, but it dissolves in water and promotes skin hydration.

Quality facial scrubs will also often contain chemical exfoliators, such as papaya and pineapple. Chemical exfoliators don’t refer to chemicals in them—it’s the chemical reaction that happens when natural enzymes from these fruits react with the skin to dissolve dead skin cells.

Physical and chemical exfoliators work together to promote the appearance of a beautiful, polished complexion. Some of the best sugar scrubs work well on various skin types—including oily, sensitive, dry, and combination—and can be used two to four times a week. Be sure to choose a product with natural ingredients that are healthy for your skin. Your face should feel hydrated and soothed, not tight or stripped after use. Be sure to follow with an oil free face moisturizer.

Facial Masks

Face masks come in various forms and work to remove dead skin cells and add hydration into the skin. Some types of masks include gel masks, cream masks, and clay masks, which can all serve different purposes.

Gel Masks

A cooling and brightening gel mask is contoured to fit your face (with cut-outs for the eyes and mouth) and can often be placed on your face for between 5-10 minutes. This type of mask tends to be made to help improve skin tone, texture, and hydration levels. If your skin needs a weekly dose of love, apply an innovative hydrogel mask packed with superfoods like citrus (vitamin C), papaya, and probiotics—after using your favorite facial cleanser. Vitamin C works to brighten the appearance of the skin, papaya chemically exfoliates, and probiotics will help your skin hold onto hydration. Hydrogel masks provide an instant cooling sensation that can help calm the appearance of inflammation.

Clay Masks

Bentonite clay gently exfoliates and cleanses the skin without stripping the skin of its natural oils. A clay mask should have other healthy ingredients as well, such as lactic acid derived from fruit to help improve the look of dull skin and gently exfoliate. Superfoods such as blueberry extract and turmeric root are also good for the skin and great to look out for in a clay mask, as well as probiotics. Antioxidant-rich blueberries are hydrating and promote the appearance of even skin tone while turmeric can help reduce signs of inflammation and skin-loving probiotics lock in moisture. Typically, a thin layer of a clay mask can be applied to clean skin for 5-10 minutes before gently being massaged into the skin and then removed with water. Some clay masks can be used two to three times per week, depending on the brand.

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