What’s up What’s up With the Team Rocket Balloon Event and Email in Pokémon Go?With the Team Rocket Balloon Event and Email in Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go right now is packed with a lot of interesting event missions and Pokémon, but between all this, Team Rocket mistakenly revealed about their mission in the game. Mistakenly Team Rocket has sent their upcoming plan email to every player game account. Whatever information was in that was transferred to every player. Now, if you read that email, you will not just discover the tiny information, but you will also discover some offer codes. This event is all about the upcoming balloon event, and this event will be live on July 7. With this event, Team Rocket will be in the spotlight once again.

Some Redditors have made a video of full explanation with players who have a problem reading all the information.

Recently the Anniversary event was going on, and it will end soon. In the Anniversary event, players received a lot of Pikachu Pokémon that were tied with balloons. In this event, lots of rewards and bonuses Pokémon has offered to the players and it was one of the best events so far. Following the same, now the Team Rocket event will start soon, and the Anniversary event will end. Hopefully, there will be some interesting rewards on the way along with the event.

The following Team Rocket event will feature several encounters in which players can show their appearance. One thing with this event is different now that team rockets will not appear into the PokéStop because now they have taken themselves to the skies from Team Rocket Balloon. With this modification of features, players now don’t have to leave their house to find Team Rocket for battle. Now players have to look for the big flying balloon with a capital work R. After the players will find it, they will be able to battle whoever is in the balloon.

This battle will be different from the normal Team Rocket battle because now you can also face some leaders like Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra. These big bosses are now part of the battle, and they might have the shadow Pokémon as well. However, these Pokémon might be as easy as the March event Pokémon. The possibility in the battle is that players might also battle with Giovanni too. He might not make any surprise appearance in the email blast of Team Rocket.

There is already a raid event going on that allows players to get some extraordinary Pokémon. Every player loves to do raids, but it requires teamwork to win. Winning the raid battle is not an easy task, but doing it with more players can change the match’s whole shape. You can win the raid battle, and then you can also get that Pokémon, which you encounter in the raid battle.

However, the Team Rocket will be slightly different, you need to be prepared when the balloons begin to appear in the sky. These Team Rocket balloons will give you another way of battle with leaders and Team Rocket grunts. More additional information about the event will take place on the day of the event. If you are playing the game, you can see some major points in the news option which is given in the game.

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