Whatsapp pay facility likely to be launched and London will become it’s payments headquarter


Whatsapp pay is a facility provided by Whatsapp, the instant messaging app, it is not yet launched in India, but there are future plans for it, currently the famous app’s pay service is being used by many people in the world, the famous name in the messaging world used by everyone from all corners, walks of life and people of all ages, whether living in the rural areas or in an urban city.

There are countless fans of Whatsapp in India, and the number of users who enjoy the messaging app internationally is over billions. Whatsapp is an international name common in almost every household, the fever of this app reaches such heights, that some teenagers spend their entire day chatting on it, connecting with their peers, or organizing groups.

Apparently, Facebook has decided to make London, United Kingdom as the Whatsapp’s pay feature’s payment headquarters office, for this Whatsapp is interested in hiring the employees for the payments supervision in London and Dublin. The engineers that will be hired will be technology-efficient and will focus on minimizing the possible scenarios of theft and spams, hence further adding to the security of this payment platform.

Mark Zuckerberg known as the CEO of Facebook is interested in launching the Whatsapp pay facility in India, recognizing its potential and digitalizing the country’s monetary transactions, while he is not exactly sure when will that take place but is certain to kickstart the app’s payment feature in India.

Zuckerberg has stated that he has launched a test of the app’s facility and it turns out to be successful, the same trial included about a million, who were everyday people using the Whatsapp pay services to share the money among each other.

The well-known company is interested in aligning itself with the countries standards and making the financial exchange an easy experience for its customers, for this they are willing to collaborate with the Reserve bank of India. Once this service is launched, it will become a very familiar way for people to share money or buy things from a seller.

Whatsapp will gain the trust of millions and it will further cement their position in the world as not just a popular messaging app but also a payment app, there by people who are not aware of the app will be upgrading soon as they will want to have more customers who prefer to use Whatsapp pay services rather than using cash. By the looks of things, the future looks bright not just for India but also for Whatsapp.

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