Wheelchair Back Cushion and Classic Stethoscope Tunable Accessories assist the important objectives

Wheelchair Back Cushion

Wheelchair Back Cushion for back support and pressure relief

Air Assist wheelchair cushions and wheelchair back cushions offer a variety of power wheelchair seat cushions to meet the pressure control needs of clients. A broad-shaped, high-density sculpted cushion foundation and a Cool technology cover make up the Air Assist wheelchair cushion. Many of our cushions have cutting-edge technologies to keep you comfortable. Additional features of Air Assist include Cool Core technology and a urethane liner for absorbency. We provide a variety of electric wheelchair cushion substitutes.

Aid Assist wheelchair back cushions to assist the important objectives

● One of its benefits is that they lessen the pressure and pressure sores that might arise from prolonged sitting. The user is more relaxed when seated, thanks to them.

● Reduces perspiration and skin irritation while aiding the skin’s ability to breathe. The materials used and the manner cushions are made contribute to the skin’s ability to cool down and exhale more freely. This lessens skin irritability and other effects.

● Aids in enhancing posture while seated on a chair. Having wheelchair cushions and back cushions supports the lumbar area and assists in improving posture. You may even get side support based on the type of safety harness cushion you’re using.

The Aid Assist portable back cushion device is light, convenient, and will make the wheelchair experience extra pleasurable. This wheelchair back cushion is for anybody searching for a back cushion that is simple to attach and requires moderate to maximum support.

Classic Stethoscope Tunable

Expertly made Classic Stethoscope Tunable for kids and adults

Everyone knows that doctors and other medical professionals are always on the job. Typically, they would travel between hospitals or clinics. They require this Aid Assist Stethoscope Tunable, designed specifically for traveling physicians and specialists. The most dependable tool for practical training is this one.

The auditory canal route is met with an ergonomic headset that is inclined. The dual-sided chest piece and moveable diaphragm provide high output sensibility for hearing low and ultrasonic noises. A tunable diaphragm simply changes its pressure to record low- and high-frequency vibrations.

Features offered by Aid Assist Classic Stethoscope Tunable Accessories

● This item is lightweight, making it simple to transport. To protect patients with latex allergies, it is latex-free. It has several patents as well.

● Its plastic retention is colored-coated plastic. It is made of titanium, which is non-corrosive.

● Additionally, it features a stainless steel chest part and a dual head with a pressure-sensitive diaphragm that is also sound-sensitive. These capabilities enable the users, who are healthcare experts, to monitor the patient’s heartbeat and lungs easily.

● It includes an adjustable diaphragm, allowing doctors to adjust the volume. Designed with gentle ear tips to help patients feel at peace and soothed. There are several colors available as well.

● The packaging for Classic Stethoscope Tunable is expertly made and appealing to the eye. Additionally, each item received a complimentary name tag.

The Aid Assist Classic Stethoscope is perfect for monitoring and assessing kids or adults in non-critical conditions. The flexible stethoscope has high acoustic sensitivity for superb performance and comes in various vibrant colors to fit your style.

Tunable diaphragms made it unnecessary for physicians to shift between the diaphragm and the open bell. This development also made it possible for modern Aid Assist stethoscopes to include an adult front and a child front with adjustable technology, increasing the stethoscope’s adaptability.

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Wheelchair Back Cushion and Classic Stethoscope Tunable, including other services, are offered by Aid-Assist. The business also provides several services to aid the elderly in maintaining their independence

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