When Blizz redid the guild chat window

I am an officer in our guild and I can relate to classic wow gold this completely. I had conducted an ally raiding guild at BC and Wrath and if Cata hit, my guild fell apart due to the guild rankings introduced in that expansion and the small guilds were gobbled up into those huge guilds which you ended up just turning into a number in. I discovered a guild which for the most part it was just the GL and that I logging in night after night, running random items either collectively or by our selves but never actually doing much recruiting because of the problems you outlined.

Flash forward to about three or four weeks past when Blizz redid the guild chat window and the way you could look for guilds and I couldn’t be happier. We’ve since posted that we are a social, family friendly guild first and foremost. After a while of speaking to people and interacting with them, then doing that together and slowly, getting them to open up to each other, it’s been unreal how well we are doing now. We’ve got numerous husband/wife teams that have kids and what not but we are starting to now get runs scheduled on the calendar that people can sign up for when they want to. We try to maintain guild pressure off people since the last thing I want is another job away from my real one.

We have created a guild Discord channel people can chat to outside of WoW and I continue to just post random crap on the board so as to help draw people in. I started playing WoW as it had been fun, I stayed playing because of the friends I would finally make and finally getting back to that was made WOW Classic pleasure again. If anyone is interested in checking us out and like I mentioned, we’re more of a societal and family guild, everyone is welcome.

We are NOT a raiding guild though we do have a couple that operate lfr’s together. This cheap wow gold is all about getting individuals who work and also have family’s that do not feel pressured to”with” to log in to do anything unless they wish to. Guild chat is generally pretty active and it’s about being on.

Its not due to the WOW players playing WOW Classic though. It is fucking annoying that blizzard forgot exactly what MMO stands to get in their own game and they’ve decided to ditch the community aspect of WOW Classic. Even worse is that they’ve begun doing it back at wrath of the king. They’ve gone so far down the rabbit hole that they would need to literally re do the whole match to even make it plausible as an mmo.

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