When buying a washing machine think about power consumption:

Particularly economical washing machines are labeled with energy efficiency class A +++. The highest power consumption is achieved by A + washing machines. Here are the most important tips by liox cleaners for buying a new washing machine and tips for economical and clean use.

Choose the right size:

Whichever washing machine suits you naturally depends on the place you have.

Most washing machines are free-standing devices. If they have a bull’s-eye door in front, they are front loaders. They are standard 60 cm wide, 85 cm high and 57 to 69 cm deep.

The drum size usually varies between 6 to 9 kilos maximum capacity. Extra-large front loaders even take up to 12 kilos of laundry. Undercoachable washing machines can be placed on top of each other with a tumble dryer.

Attention: If you place a dryer and washing machines on top of each other, make sure that the washing machine is always down. It moves with the spin and should be safe on the ground.

There are also top loaders, which are narrower than a front loader. They are standard 40 to 45 cm wide, 88 to 90 cm high and 60 cm deep.

The drum is usually smaller and holds a maximum of between 5 and 6 kilos of laundry. Due to their small design, Toploader is ideal for singles and apartments with a small footprint. They can be easily filled from above, but a dryer cannot be placed on top. The selection of these narrow washing machines is low, only about every tenth offered washing machine is a Toplader.

The washing machine should be adapted to your individual needs. Do you need a device with a capacity of 8 or 9 kilos? These machines usually have an A +++ energy rating. They are only really efficient if they are fully loaded. The bigger the drum, the higher the water and electricity consumption.

Single or couple households usually do not have so much dirty laundry. You can easily manage with a capacity of 5 to 6 kilos of laundry. For families, slightly larger drums with a capacity of 7 to 8 kilos are recommended, as these are usually full of difficulties for several people in the household.

Opt for a low noise level:

As further suggested by liox cleaners, if you need to set up the washing machine in the bathroom or kitchen, quiet washing machines are recommended. The volume is given in decibels (dB): Quiet machines have a noise level of less than 50 dB when washing and less than 75 dB when spinning.

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