When Can A Car Crash Qualify for Workers Compensation?

Before you call a workers compensation lawyer Lancaster PA that can help you with a car crash that you believe your employer is partially responsible for, it’s always important to do some background research on how this process works. Specifically, if your car crash will qualify. Below, we have listed some specific examples of times where a car crash can qualify.

If You Are Making a Delivery People who work as delivery drivers directly for a fast-food chain of some sort are often the easiest cases for an employee since they will often be entitled to workers’ compensation. Usually, the process of filing for this will be straightforward since all that you will need to do is talk with your manager and they can handle things for you.

Traveling for Work-Purposes If you are were traveling for work-purposes for something such as a business trip and ended up in a car wreck, then you should get in touch with a Lancaster auto accident lawyer. Depending on the exact circumstances, you will usually be able to qualify for some form of workers’ compensation.

Traveling Between Worksites If you were directly told by a boss or manager of your company that you need to travel to a different worksite for your company for business purposes and ended up in a car accident, then try to talk to your boss about workers’ compensation right away. This is a work-related task and you are entitled to compensation.

When Running an Errand for Your Job In addition to traveling for work purposes, it is important to note that running work-related errands is another unique instance when you can often qualify for workers’ compensation. This sort of case will be easy in certain instances, but you might need some assistance along the way.

Need a Personal Legal Consultation? If you need to get in touch with a Lancaster workers compensation attorney that can talk to you directly, hear your specific case, and inform you whether or not you will be entitled to compensation for your accident, give us a call here at Georgelis Injury Law Firm. After a free consultation, we will know right away whether or not your case is entitled to workers’ compensation and can help you out.

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