When in Ladakh Don’t Miss Out on These 5 Thing

This is the month of June, which also means it is the best time to travel to Ladakh. During this time the weather isn’t extremely cold, the roads of Ladakh package are in proper condition for a road trip, all the markets and key spots are open for one to explore. So, apart from the already touristy locations that you obviously are going to visit , there are a lot of activities you can try your hands on. 


  1. Camel Ride in Hunder


The camels of the cold desert are very different from what you’ve commonly seen in other deserts of Rajasthan. They are double humped and very hairy because they have to adapt in the cold weather of Ladakh. You can do the camel ride for just a nominal fee of Rs. 300 per person and leave Ladakh with memories of your lifetime.


  1. ATV Ride in Nubra Valley


Well who doesn’t like a cool ATV ride that too in the feels when sand is everywhere in the air. Well, surely an ATV in cold desert is a different experience altogether because it will be the highest ride you can ever do in India. The altitude and the wonder of nature that suddenly a sandy desert starts in the middle of mountains is a fascinating thing. The price of an ATV ride is 1000Rs. per person that makes it more appealing to try your hands on.


  1. Rafting at Indus-Zanskar Sangam


The speciality of the Indus-Zanskar sangam is that the river starts from India and flows into Pakistan and its name also changes along with the place. The water of sangam is extremely cold but still bearable given that you’re provided with body suits to maintain your body temperature. Another thing that sets rafting here apart from other rafting experiences is the view of beautiful water and mountains you get to see. It is a wonderful experience that you should definitely give it a try at just Rs. 900/1800 (depending on the length of rafting you choose).


  1. Visiting a Local School


All of the things mentioned in the list are paid and are still a bit touristy but this one is an experience that no money can buy. Everyone’s heard of the Rancho School and they wish to visit it. But have you ever thought of visiting any local school and spending time with the children there? It is a blissful experience. You can the insights of the life and education system of the people living at such high altitudes from the most innocent beings ever. If you do visit a school, do remember to first talk to the school administration first. Also, if possible bring some stationery and snacks to give to the children.


  1. Stargazing in Pangong


Stargazing is an activity people love to do when they’re in the mountains because being honest, where else can we see clear stars in cities anymore? Well stargazing in Pangong is surely different from other places as you can literally see galaxies in the sky when you simply look up. The beauty of glistening Pangong under the moonlight is another thing that makes stargazing in Pangong a different and delightful experience.


These were just a few of the activities that you should definitely experience in Ladakh. We hope you visit the Ladakh tour package yourself and make a list of your own favourite things to do in Ladakh.


So good luck on your upcoming Ladakh trip and happy travelling!


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