When It Comes To Escorts, How Secure Is Your Privacy?


The level of quality you select for yourself determines the level of privacy. Men will always choose the best in terms of travel, transportation, attire, drinks, and lodging – but when it falls to the company they hold and their relaxation/emotional link, they will seek to save! When it comes to convenience, cost cutting is seldom a good idea, and the same is relevant when it comes to the power you subject yourself to.

Some men believe that having an independent escort would protect them from being exposed. Even so, as we have seen, the majority of VIPs found with a competent partner were revealed by her, an independent escort… Of course, we can’t generalize because there are many independents who work with dignity and honesty. However, many people are motivated solely by financial gain. If they can bully you or find a way for her to not only be paid for her story, and advertise herself free – all while claiming she has nothing to do with it – she would… Therefore, this, too, isn’t a viable option.

And that isn’t a promise, as there were plenty of women and companies who keep their mouths shut while in operation for their own good, but when trouble arises, they spill their list of clients faster than a kid caught shoplifting… So, how does one guarantee that their personal information is kept confidential and not publicly disclosed for the gain of the agency owners or for the ‘accidental’ promotion of a private escort at a later date?

Using a legitimate, competent Elite Escorts service can provide some degree of security. Privacy and security is an expected feature of any genuinely five-star, high-quality institution. In the realm of high status, discretion is everything. Problems arise when low-quality entities disguised as “high-class” have only one goal: to make money. Consider the words used on their website and in their ads to get a sense of this. The image they’ve chosen to represent themselves with. The telephonists’ explication, or at minimum the mechanism by which they respond to your question.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

Do your homework and stick with long-established Vip Escorts agencies that have a reputation for confidentiality. Too much spark, or those bragging of specific VIP clients who use their services, are red flags that you must probably avoid them. In general, word of mouth is used to encourage greater businesses. Always demand a non-disclosure contract between you and the agency, stating that the agency will make every action to preserve your ethnicity and that they will never use your personal information for their own development or personal profit outside of your private stuff with them.

Often book a five-star hotel or resort when meeting a model, and if you have VIP status, you can ask to be acknowledged by the restaurant and booked into a room under an alias. Some celebs, for example, will ask to be scheduled under a fictitious name or phrase (e.g., “Sir Anonymous” or “Jim Higgins”). This ensures that information is kept as private as possible. Then have the model meet you there, rather than attempting to find one another in public, surrounded by photographers, making it clear you’re on a first date. If you are on a non-security floor, the model can come straight to your place, or you can leave a key for her in front desk as your aide or chief of staff.



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