When It Comes To Roof Leaks, Prevention Is Key

Are you looking for a residential roofing contractors Louisville Ky to repair the damage caused by water leaking into your home?Whether you have a current leak, are trying to prevent one, orit’s become a full-time job to look for a roofing company to repair leaks in your Louisville, KY home, it’s time to call Roof It Right!  If you want peace of mind now and in the years to come, call today! The majority of roof leaks can be avoided, and a qualified professional can help you to discover difficult-to-see signs of damage.

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Missing Shingles

If you see missing shingles on your roof, you might suspect a possible leak. But missing shingles aren’t the only source of leaks to your roof.  Replace missing shingles as soon as you discover them, but don’t hesitate to have your roof inspected after a storm, even if you don’t see any damage or missing shingles.

Your roof has shingles for a reason. Cracked, bent, and missing shingles all make the conditions favorable for leaks. You might notice this manifested as shingle debris in your yard, driveway, or downspout splash blocks. Or you might notice off-colored patches on your roof.

When it comes to roof repair or replacement of missing shingles, you should probably call a professional. However, if you know something about home repair and feel comfortable walking on your roof, you can repair a damaged shingle by yourself. A cracked shingle can be mended using a little bit of roof sealant squeezed into the opening. However, if part of the shingle is missing, you’ll need a hammer to detach the nails, and then use a pry bar to extract the shingle itself. Then take a utility knife and cut the shingle easily. Place the new shingle in its place and nail it down using fasteners. Sound too complex? Consult the best roofing company in Louisville KY and they will be happy to do the repair for you.

Correct Ponding Surfaces

If you notice pools of water standing on your roof after it rains, you could have a big problem on your hands shortly. Ponding, as it is known to roofers, leaves you vulnerable to rot, which in turn can cause all kinds of issues, including leaks. Flat and low-sloped roofs are obviously more prone to this problem than steeply-pitched surfaces—but it can happen anywhere.

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If you see ponding on your roof, consult the best roofing company in Louisville KY as soon as you can. They may have to replace your roof and decking, but it’s better than having to replace any number of water-damaged components and items in your home after a roof leak!

Ensure Timely Cleaning Of Gutters

Gutters serve the practical purpose of diverting rain runoff away from your roof and siding. So if your gutters are stopped up and can’t operate properly, you’ll see more standing water and moisture on roof surfaces, meaning there’s more scope for leaks.

To keep your gutter repair Louisville KY and clear, get a trowel to pull out leaves and other waste, and then take a garden hose and run water through them until they run clear. Be on the lookout for leaks and rusted or twisted gutters that could cause problems down the line. Repeat this process twice a year, essentially after fall and spring.

Whether it is a minor issue or a major one, sometimes it makes complete sense to call a professional to perform the repair job,not only for best outcomes but also for long-term cost savings.

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