When Should I Retire My Forklift?


Forklifts are one of the most crucial hardest working machines in businesses with handling operations. These machines work hard, moving finished products and raw materials from one place to another, helping your business move forward. While they’re designed and built to last, they can also fail. Yes, like other equipment, forklifts can give up on you over time.

Depending on the application and intensity of the task performed, your forklift can wear down sooner or later. A dropped load forklift can cause product damage, serious injuries to workers, and expensive repairs. So, it’s important to know when it’s the right time to replace it. Here are the signs that indicate you’ll need to look for forklift sales Sydney NSW:-

Increased Maintenance Cost

It’s important to track what you spend for maintaining each equipment in your business. This includes servicing, repairs, and maintenance tasks, investments and expenses. Look for annual maintenance costs, and if you find the cost has been increased than usual, it’s a sign that your machine is ageing and you’ll need a brand new Sydney forklift trucks. Remember, as the vehicle ages, the costs will rise sooner than when it was younger. Consider the annual expenditures spent for the machine to the allocated cost of the replacement and its maintenance. Comparing the expenditures can help you determine whether you need a new one or not.

Obvious Damage

One of the tell-tale signs indicating it’s time to replace forklift is when there are visible damages. Forklifts can be cracked or bent over time due to various reasons, including ageing, overuse, and abnormal lifting operations. Checking for damages should be part of your inspection routine. However, if you notice any signs of damages, please consider, especially after lifting something heavy.

Discoloured or Worn Out Chassis

A forklift that works in harsh environments will look more worn down and discoloured than forklifts used for loading and unloading. Even dents and rust can make the equipment look older than it really is. But, these are also signs that the machine isn’t working properly. If you overlook it, you’ll be spending a considerable amount of money on repairs. Upgrading your Sydney forklifts is a good idea.

Increased Downtime

Of course, forklift downtime can happen sometimes, and it’s a part of the maintenance routine as well. But, if the equipment is out of action and can’t be used for even light tasks like loading and unloading pallets, it’s time to consider a replacement.

Whether you need a brand new forklift truck or used forklifts that are refurbished, you can count on us for an ideal machine. For further queries, please contact us.

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