When to buff and polish the floor?

If you are wondering when to floor sanding and polishing of your office, a community of neighbors, or home, it is because you need to hire a company for laying engineered wood flooring on floorboards. The marble or floors, with the passage of time, begin to present damage.

When to sanding and polish the floor of your home or community of neighbors?

Polishing consists of crystallizing the floor so that it shines again like the first day. The level of shine will depend on the condition of the floor, if the floor has many scratches and imperfections, it will not be enough just to polish the floor.

On the other hand, polishing consists of timber floor sanding the floor by lowering it a few centimeters. Thanks to this service, all kinds of damage and scratches from the floor are eliminated. Both polishing and sanding floors are essential.

Despite the fact that marble is a very resistant and durable material, with the passage of time it is necessary to carry out some maintenance work. Therefore, when you notice that your floor is damaged and no longer shines the same as before, then it is the ideal time to polish and shine the floor.

What products are used for floor polishing?

Today, there is a wide range of products, from crystallizers, sealants, polishes, etc., to polish the floors of your neighbor’s community, homes, or offices.

Check out some tips to make the laminate floor shine!

– Use a broom with soft bristles or vacuum cleaner to remove dirt.

– Use a well-wrung cloth dipped in water with a mild detergent or coconut soap. This mixture guarantees the cleaning of the floor. Excessive water can damage the floor leaving the boards overflowing.

– Do not use abrasive materials such as sandpaper, steel wool on the laminate floor. These products can damage the floor.

– Do not use wax or silicone. Over time these products leave a greasy layer that makes the laminate floor opaque.

– If you want a little more shine on the laminate floor, mix a little furniture polish in the water and wipe the cloth slightly moistened. Then dry with a microfiber cloth.

If you want your marble or terrazzo floor to look as bright again as the first day, it’s time to contact us. Our professionals will go to the place you indicate to indicate what type of service is the best for your floor.

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