When to Paint Your Home’s Exterior?


Painting the exterior of your home is a great way to improve its curb appeal and protect it from the elements. However, deciding when to paint your home’s exterior can be difficult. Here are the few instances you need to consider painting your home’s exterior, as outlined by painters in Eastern Suburbs.

Age of the Paint

Age of the paint is one of the significant factors you need to consider when it comes to painting your home’s exterior. Most exterior paints last between five and ten years, depending on the quality of the paint and the climate in which you live. If your paint is peeling or fading, it may be time to repaint your home’s exterior.


The climate in which you live can greatly impact the condition of your home’s exterior paint. If you live in an area with extreme temperatures or frequent rain, your paint may deteriorate more quickly than in a mild climate. If you live in a harsh climate on your home’s exterior, you may need to paint your home more often.

Damage to the Exterior

Damage to your home’s exterior can also signify it’s time to repaint. If you notice cracks, chips, or other damage to your home’s exterior, addressing it as soon as possible is important to prevent further damage. Repainting your home’s exterior can help to protect it from future damage. Have painters in Eastern Suburbs Sydney inspect your home and to decide whether or not to repaint your home’s exterior.


Fading is a common sign that it’s time to repaint your home’s exterior. Over time, exposure to the sun can cause the paint on your home’s exterior to fade. If your home’s exterior looks dull or washed out, it may be time to repaint.

Selling Your Home

If you plan to sell your home, repainting the exterior can greatly increase its curb appeal and attract potential buyers. Repainting your home’s exterior can make it look fresh and new, which can be especially important if it is older or has been on the market for a while. Call a professional painter in Bondi to get your house repainted.

If you need clarification on whether it’s time to repaint, consider the age of the paint, the climate in which you live, any damage to the exterior or fading, and whether you’re planning to sell your home. By taking these factors into account, you can make an informed decision about when to paint your home’s exterior.

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