When To See Your Scottsdale Orthodontics Specialist Post The Treatment?

A Scottsdale orthodontics specialist is your go-to expert for any problems related to teeth alignment or for the jaw. They help you get a better ‘bite’ to help you chew better and speak clearly.

If you have recently visited a Scottsdale orthodontics specialist for treatment, then you may be wondering how often you need to visit the expert. The frequency will depend on your specific situation. For example, for a child, it will be different from an adult.

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Let us look at different scenarios to understand when to visit an orthodontist post the treatment

1 – A child needs to visit the ortho expert when he or she is 7 or 8 years old. This is the time when children start growing permanent teeth. An orthodontist will be able to assess the growth of misaligned teeth fairly early on. This will help the expert to take corrective measures before it escalates into a bigger dental complication.

2 – If you have put on braces, then you may expect to visit the orthodontist every four to six weeks. Depending on your specific case, the Scottsdale orthodontics specialist will carry out minor adjustments to the braces. He will tighten the wires to ensure that the braces stay firmly fit according to the shape of the teeth.

3 – If the orthodontist has fitted Invisalign, then you may need to see the specialist every four to six weeks. This way, the aligners will continue doing their job of keeping your teeth in shape.

To sign off

These were some situations that will answer your query – “When should I see my orthodontist post the treatment”

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