Where Can I Buy Levitra Online?

Erectile dysfunction is a condition where a man is unable to keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. While many people believe that this condition only prevalent in older men, this myth is not entirely true.

A study in the Journal of sexual medicine reveals that this condition affects around 26% of men below 40. Another research conducted by Opinium Research found that age isn’t actually the biggest factor contributing to erectile dysfunction.

Out of 59% of respondents who had impotence, 56% of them fell into the age of 18 – 34 years old. However, older people are indeed more likely to be affected by this condition regularly.

A healthy lifestyle can do a lot to help with erectile dysfunction. For drug treatment, you can buy Levitra online to help with erectile dysfunction. Another option is Sildenafil. The cost of 4 tabs of Levitra is around $40, while Sildenafil price slightly higher.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Given the fact that men of any age can have impotence, you should know that there are conditions that can lead to impotence.

1. Alcohol Consumption
Having a few drinks after a rough day has become a habit for some people. While moderate drinking may not lead to erection problems, overindulging yourself in alcohol can get you in trouble when you’re taking your partner to the bed.

2. Obesity
Obesity damages the blood vessel and lowers the level of testosterone hormones. As you may already know, this hormone is essential for sexual desire and erection. People affected by obesity also carry the risk of developing diabetes and have increased cholesterol, hypertension and high blood pressure. All of those conditions contribute to erectile dysfunction.

3. Medical Condition
Various health conditions can affect muscles, nerves, and blood flow that are essential for an erection. High blood pressure, diabetes, spinal cord injuries, hardening of the arteries, and multiple sclerosis can increase the chance of someone have erectile dysfunction. Prostate surgery and bladder issue can also contribute to someone’s ability to have an erection.

4. Psychological Problems
Most impotence problems are rooted in psychological issues. Arousal starts in the brain, and people who undergo psychological problems may find it hard to get an erection. Stress, depression, anxiety, anger, and low self-esteem can negatively impact your libido and make it hard for you to become aroused. Ironically, consuming drugs that treat depression can also suppress your sex drive and lead to erectile dysfunction.

Levitra vs. Sildenafil

Both Levitra and Sildenafil are the most popular medications that are commonly used for treating erectile dysfunction. Both the drugs work by leading to better blood flow to the penis and stimulate erection. They also increase sexual satisfaction and make erection last longer. However, for the medication to work, they need to be accompanied by sexual stimulation.

The most apparent difference between the two is the dose. The highest of Levitra is 20 mg, while the highest dose of Sildenafil is 100 mg. This shows that Levitra is more potent compared to Sildenafil. A study conducted by Sheila A Doggrell also supports this premise. Considering Sildenafil price is slightly higher, this study is a bit surprising. However, other characteristics of the drugs are pretty much similar, including the efficacy and side effects.

Should I Buy Levitra Online?

Some people may not find it convenient to go to the offline drugstore to purchase their erectile dysfunction medication. Fortunately, nowadays, there are many online pharmacies where you can buy Levitra online. The good thing about purchasing your medication online is oftentimes, you can spend less money than going to the store due to the discounted price and other available offers from the pharmacies.

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