Where can I find sources for writing a law paper?

Articles, monographs, scientific works, materials of judicial practice can be used as the main literary sources. There are several free resources to help you find literature:

  1. Civil.consultant is an electronic library that includes the works of renowned scholars in the field of civil law.
  2. Dissercat.com is a scientific library of abstracts and dissertations created by WriteMyPapersCompany. To date, you can view 710 thousand scientific qualification papers and abstracts here.
  3. University library, where the student can collect some of the sources.
  4. Scientific VAK journals that publish articles on a specific topic. For example, for a medical law specialization, consider materials from the Journal of Legal Issues in Health Care.

After selecting the sources, you first need to draw up a master’s plan in law. It includes sections broken down into paragraphs. For each section, you need to study the works of different authors to get a paper with a+, building the main theses: what and in what sequence will be presented.

In deep study of the problem, you need to consider different points of view and form your own opinion. If material is taken from judicial practice, the legal position of the court is taken into account. The writing of each paragraph can be started after the following logical chain has been drawn up: thesis – the author’s point of view – argumentation – confirmation by judicial practice – conclusions.

In the first section of the master’s thesis, the author hired at essays writing help reveals the basics of the theoretical and legal foundations of the problem under consideration: the definition of a phenomenon, a list of regulations governing it, etc. The main task of the undergraduate is to draw up a comparative legal analysis of solutions to the question posed at the international level.

The second section of the final qualifying work contains information on the main provisions of the dissertation, the essence of the topic, identifying the procedural status of subjects and determining the mechanism for applying the existing issue. The main part of the research novelty is indicated here.

The information in the third section contains a description of the problem and its development prospects in modern conditions. The author of the thesis conducts a detailed analysis of the current legislation, identifies compliance with international legal norms and their practical need for application. Based on the experiments carried out, the undergraduate proposes his own reasoned innovations and forms the provisions submitted for the defense procedure. If student afraid of writing alone, he can come to https://essayswriting.help/law-essay-help/ to get help in legal acts or formatting written work.

At the end of each section, the candidate summarizes the written information with concise conclusions, several sentences each.

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